59 Paleo Burgers for Dad

It's Father's Day this Sunday - a time when we celebrate all that our Dads and Stepdads do for us. 

And what better way to say 'Cheers Dad" than by making him a luscious burger? I reckon he'd be well chuffed, don't you? 

I've rounded up 59 burgers - they're all paleo (some are also autoimmune protocol (AIP) compliant) that would be perfect for any barbecue, quick lunch or celebration. Some will contain cheese, which technically makes them primal, but if you've introduced dairy and can tolerate cheese then Happy Days. If not, I'm sure that the recipe will still be incredible if you leave it out. 

First off, here a few you might recognise, from me: 

Breakfast Pork and Leek Burgers (AIP compliant) - Comfort Bites
Garlic Beef Burgers with Fried Red Onions and Watercress (AIP compliant) - Comfort Bites
The AIP Burger (AIP compliant) - Comfort Bites

The AIP Burger - Comfort Bites
AIP Breakfast Stack (AIP compliant) - Comfort Bites
Paleo Breakfast Portobello Mushroom Burger - Comfort Bites
Lamb, Spinach and Red Onion Burgers (AIP compliant) - Comfort Bites
Lamb, Red Onion and Olive Burgers (AIP compliant) - Comfort Bites

And here's a collection of beautiful burger recipes from your favourite paleo bloggers. Have fun! (By the way I am definitely pinning pretty much ALL of these to try.)

Rosemary Beetroot Burgers - Eat Drink Paleo
Lamb Burgers with Feta and Olives  + Grilled Zucchini - Eat Drink Paleo
Garlic Pork Burgers - A Girl Worth Saving
Cowboy Burgers - A Girl Worth Saving
Paleo Cajun Burger - A Girl Worth Saving
Paleo Hawaiian Burgers (AIP compliant) - A Girl Worth Saving
Paleo Chicken Fajitas Burgers - A Girl Worth Saving
Paleo Thai Chicken Burgers - A Girl Worth Saving
Pizza Burgers - A Girl Worth Saving
Bacon Studded Venison Burgers (AIP compliant) - Enjoying This Journey 
Zucchini Burger (AIP compliant) - Enjoying This Journey
Paleo Asian Style Burgers (AIP compliant) - Enjoying This Journey
AIP Teriyaki Burger (AIP compliant) - Enjoying This Journey
Salted Mocha Burgers - Popular Paleo

Caprese Turkey Burgers - from Get Inspired Every Day

Chipotle Birds Nest Burgers - Popular Paleo
Chilli Lime Turkey Burgers - Popular Paleo
Three-Herb Beef Patties (AIP compliant) - Rubies and Radishes
Bison Patties with Cumin and Herbs - Tri Holistic Nutrition
Coconut and Cilantro Turkey Burgers (AIP compliant) - The Bacon Mum
Mint Lamb Burgers (AIP compliant) - The Bacon Mum
Sneaky Sliders (AIP compliant) - The Bacon Mum
Paleo Breakfast Burger - Real Simple Good
Hawaiian Chicken Burgers - Real Simple Good
Paleo Burgers (AIP compliant if you leave out the pepper) - Real Simple Good
Feta Gyro Burgers with Tzatziki Sauce - Get Inspired Every Day
Buffalo Sweet Potato Burgers with Blue Cheese Slaw - Get Inspired Every Day
Caprese Turkey Burgers - Get Inspired Every Day
Bacon Wrapped Mushroom Cheeseburger with Guacamole - Get Inspired Every Day
Pineapple Salsa Stuffed Burgers (AIP compliant) - Autoimmune Paleo
Crisp Veggie-Topped Tapanade Stuffed Burgers (AIP compliant) - Autoimmune Paleo
Shrimp Burgers with Lemon Caper Relish - A Calculated Whisk
Stuffed Lamb Burgers - A Calculated Whisk

Stuffed Lamb Burgers - A Calculated Whisk
Paleo Pork Burgers - Pure and Simple Nourishment
Green Pork Sliders - Grok Grub
Squash Pork Sausage with AIP '4 spices' Seasoning Salt (AIP compliant) - Heal Me in the Kitchen
Green Chile and Chipotle Mayo Burger - The Whole Smiths
Spanish Spiced Hamburgers with Sweet Potato Chips - The Saffron Girl
Lamb, Bacon and Spinach Burgers  (AIP compliant) - Adventures in Partaking
Burger Stack Attack (AIP compliant) - Adventures in Partaking
Blueberry Bacon Breakfast Burgers (AIP compliant) - Adventures in Partaking
Salmon Burgers with Avocado Garlic Sauce - The Real Food Dieticians
Coffee Rubbed Barbecue Bacon Burgers - Living Loving Paleo
Beef Burgers with Cilantro Avocado Mayo - Livin Paleo
Chorizo Burger with Cucumber Slaw - What Great Grandma Ate
Taco Burgers on Paleo Burger Buns - Beauty and the Foodie
Sweet Potato Burgers (AIP compliant) - Paleo Flourish Magazine
Vegged Up Paleo Beef Burgers - Paleo Flourish Magazine

Vegged Up Paleo Burgers - Paleo Flourish Magazine

Paleo Guacamole Burger Recipe - Paleo Flourish Magazine
Barbecue Rub Sliders - Primal Palate 
Pineapple Burger Bowl with Sweet Fig Mayonnaise - Downshiftology
Epic Bison Breakfast Burger - Rebel Health Tribe
Burgers with Egg and Garlic Butter Balsamic - Primally Inspired

Green Chile and Chipotle Mayo Burger - The Whole Smiths

And don't forget your paleo buns and ketchup to go with all your gorgeous new burgers... Bethany from Adventures In Partaking has also done a roundup of different dishes to go with your burger - go check that out too! 

Paleo Hamburger Buns - My Heart Beets
Easy Home Made Ketchup - Sugar Free - Whole New Mom
Paleo Sesame Hamburger Buns - The Saffron Girl

Thanks to all the bloggers who helped with this roundup! Go check them all out! 

Are you looking for paleo and AIP cookbooks, ebooks and bloggers? Check out my AIP and paleo resources page for details... 

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