Chicken Pesto Savoy Cabbage Wraps

Oh my gosh. 

This is the solution to your AIP and paleo packed lunches. Or even those lunches that I love the most - the 'schnaffling it all up straight from the kitchen worktop' lunches. 


Let me tell you how this recipe got invented. 

I was talking with some UK AIPers on one of the Facebook groups when I started to wonder about these Collard Wraps we keep seeing recipes for in the US. Now here in the UK, I've never been able to buy Collard Greens, so I wondered what they were called over here. As it turns out, our Spring Greens are the closest we have. But can I buy them? Nope. So I started to wonder whether you can make wraps with good old wrinkly, squeaky Savoy cabbage. I can get that all year round. 


So I tried. And it was the best thing I've eaten in ages

I added in some leftover chicken I had in the fridge, some salad leaves with beetroot strips and some julienned raw carrot. I also lightly cooked the cabbage leaves and then cooled them quickly in cold water, so they're easier to wrap and easier on the digestion. I also had a bowl of my artichoke heart and basil pesto in the fridge, so dolloped a big spoonful of that all over, too. 

If you're on a low-FODMAP diet, these won't be for you - but you could use large lettuce leaves instead and wrap them around the filling. Use a basil pesto without artichokes or garlic though, too. 

I also didn't bother to cut out the tough stalk bit from the cabbage leaf. It's easier to wrap up without holes in, and on some of the leaves, it wasn't too bad - they were quite tender once cooked. But if you don't want to eat them the best idea is to nibble around them. 

If you're taking these to eat on the go, roll them up in some greaseproof paper or foil and twist the ends, like they do in Burrito shops. Because there's nothing gluey or starchy about cabbage leaves they don't really stay stuck and rolled up if they're bashing about inside your bag all morning. 

Chicken Pesto Savoy Cabbage Wraps
Makes 4
4 large leaves from a Savoy cabbage 
couple handfuls your favourite salad leaves (I used a beetroot salad)
1 carrot, peeled and julienned into strips (or grated)
couple handfuls cold, leftover cooked chicken
2-3 tsp artichoke heart and basil pesto

First, strip off the large outer leaves from a Savoy cabbage. Give them a wash and put to one side. Bring a wide pan of water to a boil and then gently drop in the leaves. Push them down under the water with a spoon or fork and cook for 3-4 minutes, until bright green and tender. Drain them and then rinse in the pan with cold water. Allow to cool. 

Bring the leaves over to a chopping board and dry them on a clean kitchen towel. Put one on the board and scatter over some salad leaves, the carrot and chicken. Spoon over a little of the pesto and then start to wrap up the leaf. 

Fold over the edges (left and right) and then tightly wrap them up. Lay on the board with the seam-side down. Repeat with the other three leaves. Cut in half and serve. 

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