Dill Battered Fried Cod

AIP battered fish, crisp and flecked with dill, one of my favourite herbs. Sprinkled with sea salt flakes and served with lemon wedges, it's a quick and quite easy to make lunch or dinner. Fully AIP compliant, paleo and gluten and grain free. 

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Get ready people, for you will never need to set foot in the fish and chip shop again. 

For I have battered fish. Posh battered fish. 

This recipe works on the premise that you can substitute plain wheat flour with cassava flour, 1:1. So I thought I'd try making a fish batter just the way I used to make it, before I was paleo. Dump the flour into a bowl, trickle in enough water to make a thick batter - and give it a quick season. And that's pretty much it. And it worked. 

Boy, did it work. 

AIP Battered Cod Fish paleo grain free

I'm a Southampton girl. I grew up by the sea and that's where my heart is. A trip back home is never complete without fish and chips on the promenade, while hungry seagulls perch in a row along the barrier staring us down greedily while the salty air whips our hair as we snuggle deeper into our salty bag of chips. 

But this. This is light, it's gluten and grain free and there's no dairy, either. It's just a few ingredients. And the addition of the dill into the batter just adds a slight freshness. Something posh. With a scattering of sea salt after the hot, sizzling fish comes out of the fat, you're good to go. Oh - don't want to use dill? Add some dried parsley or your other favourite fish-complimenting herbs instead. 

So good. 

AIP Battered Cod Fish paleo grain free

Dill Battered Fried Cod
Serves 2-3 
75g (half a cup) of cassava flour
pinch of salt
half teaspoon of dried dill
half a cup of cold water
400g fresh cod fillets, skinless and boneless
250g lard, for frying
lemon wedges and sea salt flakes, to serve

Mix the cassava flour, salt and dill in a bowl and add the water. You'll end up with a thick, white, green-speckled batter. Put to one side. 

Next, take out a board and chop the fish into nugget-like portions - they'll be easier to fry and easier to eat than trying to coat the whole fish in one go. The pieces should be just a bit bigger than bite-sized. 

Heat the lard in a wide-ish, medium-sized saucepan. The pan should be fairly deep - the oil will bubble up when the fish is added so you need some depth. Once it starts to crackle a little bit and shimmer, drop in a tiny piece of the batter. If it quickly forms a ball and turns golden, it's ready. Gently dunk each piece of fish into the batter and drop it gently (don't splash!) into the hot lard. Cook 2-3 pieces at a time, for 3 minutes or so, turning regularly until golden and crisp. As always, with frying, always be careful not to splash hot fat or hurt yourself. Use a metal slotted spoon to lift out the cooked fish pieces onto a waiting kitchen towel to drain a little. Continue until all the fish is cooked, and then serve straight away, with lemon wedges on the side, and a sprinkling of sea salt flakes. 

Squeeze the lemon juice over as you eat. 


Looking for other battered fish recipes? 

Check out Angie Alt's crispy fish recipe over at Autoimmune Wellness - it's also a dill crust, but it has a tapioca base, rather than a cassava flour base. Or go and have a look at Jaime's battered fish recipe at Gutsy By Nature - she's come up with a way to replace the beer in the batter (amazing!), and it's a Wisconsin style recipe from the US Midwest. Both are beautiful and perfect for Fish Fridays! 

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