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I'm Jo. I cook. I love food. I take pictures of my dinner. I'm also a morning person. Yay. 

I've written regularly for Yahoo! Style, Primal Eye Magazine and my work has been featured in The Express, The Guardian and my local paper, The Reading Post. I've been featured a number of times in Free From Heaven magazine and have met some of my foodie idols - like Nigella Lawson and Bryn Williams.  

I've also guest posted for a number of websites, including Autoimmune Paleo and The Paleo Mom and have released a series of Kindle ebooks.

Although my blogging adventure started out as a way to celebrate all kinds of comfort foods, in 2013 I started to eat more healthily to try and ease the psoriasis and IBS I'd suffered with since I was a teenager. It worked and I was 95% free of it within 8 months (not bad after putting up with it for 22 years!), although it still takes some work to keep under control. I still have a patch of psoriasis on my scalp but it's healing a little bit more all the time. 

I credit the paleo diet - specifically a modified version of it, called the Autoimmune Protocol - with these changes, which I put in place with diet and lifestyle tweaks too. It all helps.  

While I know I'll never go back to my chocolate-chip brownie ice cream for breakfast days, I have started experimenting with other foods. I eat some grains and pseudo-grains like buckwheat and quinoa, but I don't tend to do well with beans, lentils or lots of dairy. I continue to use a paleo-based diet as a template, and my body runs pretty well on it. Go veggies. 

If you're here looking for recipes and advice on eating healthily, remember that eating for your health is about finding out what works for you, and I do think we are all different. It's definitely a good idea to have a chat with your doctor before changing your diet. I did, and never looked back.

However you eat, food shouldn't be seen as just fuel, something to grab, eat and go - it's something that can give us a boost and bolster us when we're feeling down. You can have good, comforting food whatever diet you have. With the odd little treat along the way, obviously. The rest of my family don't eat the way I eat - they eat healthily most of the time, but they allow themselves treats that I don't eat because I know it would make me ill again. Eating differently to the rest of your family can be done, though, although it takes a bit more willpower!


Who does your photography?
I do! I use my Nikon D3100 camera and a 18-55mm lens. I only use Lightroom to edit photographs when it needs lightening (on a dark day, for example) or a little bit of sharpening. I was once accused by someone of photoshopping the cut yolk of an egg to look better but I honestly wouldn't know where to start. I do love photographing food, and I enjoy creating a story and a mood behind the photos. 

Can I include your photos in a roundup?
Yes! I love when my work is shared - you can take one photo of a recipe but please don't include the recipe itself or the ingredients list - and do link back to the original post. Email or tweet me if you share my work, so I can share it on my social media channels and send readers your way too. If you want to use my photographs to promote a product or anything other than a roundup list then please contact me first. Thinking of stealing my photos, recipes or text to use elsewhere without permission? You'll want to read this. (In other words, please don't do it.) I will issue DMCA takedown notices and may take legal action if I see my content being published elsewhere without my permission. 

Can I print your recipe on my blog/website? 
It takes me a lot of time to develop, cook, perfect, photograph and write up my recipes, not to mention put a lot of my own money into doing this so that I can keep providing free recipes for you all. If you're interested in using one of my recipes on your site or magazine then please contact me first. If I see any recipes or content from the blog that I find reproduced without my permission I will file a DMCA complaint. Not good.

I would like to adapt one of your recipes. Is that ok?
Yep! If you want to adapt a recipe, please do credit me as the source of your inspiration (this would seriously make my day) on your blog and link back to the original on Comfort Bites. And tell me about it so I can have a look and share the love.

What are affiliate links?
Sometimes I use affiliate links when I share links to products on the blog. All this means is that you don't pay any more for the item - the price stays the same - but I might receive a small commission from the company if you do go ahead and make a purchase. Any commission I do receive goes back into developing recipes for you all for the blog. Hurray!

What about you? 
I love photography, and also avocados. I get up every morning between 5-6am (like I said, I like mornings) and I have two kids, a Jack Russell Terrier and a Staffie (awww). I love historical novels, the sunshine and I have a licence to helm a motorboat. I also run the Love British History blog, where I talk about all things historical, and make some historical recipes there, too. You'll also find me whizzing around Reading on the back of my husband's motorbike or doing the best air guitar to Aerosmith while I'm waiting for the brownies to bake. Life is good. 

Can we be friends?
That would be awesome. Connect with me on Instagram and tag me @joromerofood in photos of dishes you've made, that you've found on the blog or in my ebooks. I'll retweet or regram them for everyone else to see.


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  1. Hi Jo, I have...today...discovered your site and am thrilled with so many wonderful options for eating. I have recently made huge changes to my diet and was frustrated with eating the same things over and over. Then came you and your Recipes! I wish you all the best in your retirement!! ...and appreciate so much that you are leaving your Recipe Box online. :)

    1. Thank you April, such lovely words! I'm glad you've found my recipes useful :) I'm not leaving the blog completely, I do aim to be back when I'm better. Thanks so much again!


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