What's AIP?

My Story
Since I was a teenager I've battled with an autoimmune disease that affects my skin: psoriasis. I've spent hours in doctors' surgeries and been on steroid creams for decades, but without any joy. Doctors told me psoriasis couldn't be controlled through diet, but I found a group of people on the internet that had had some success while on a version of the paleo diet, called the autoimmune protocol. I tried it, and my psoriasis patches improved significantly within two days. After about a year (yes, with some slip-ups - I am human, after all) I'm 99% psoriasis free. 

AIP on the Blog
You'll find a lot of autoimmune protocol and paleo recipes here on the blog, which, by default, are gluten and dairy free too. But I do occasionally cook non-paleo things - like cakes, pastas and rice dishes - because I still like to experiment with ingredients and cook meals that my friends and family will enjoy. If you want to keep track of my AIP and paleo recipes, you can follow my paleo Facebook page or check out my Instagram or Twitter. I'll use the hashtags #autoimmune and #paleo to distinguish them from the other recipes. Click on the Recipe Index tab at the top of the blog to see all the recipes on the blog - I'll state in brackets whether they're AIP, paleo, gluten-free, etc. 

AIP and Me
I'm honoured to have been asked to moderate a number of AIP and Paleo groups and forums, to help people who want to try the paleo lifestyle. And it is a complete lifestyle, and not just a 'diet'. As well as my own Facebook page, I help moderate the Autoimmune Recipes Facebook page. It's been great to meet so many other people who are also on their healing journey. And they've seen really great results, too. I also write for Primal Eye magazine and share AIP-related recipes and articles over there as well.  

My Books
I've compiled all my favourite AIP recipes in three ebooks. They're available on Amazon and can be downloaded on the Kindle or your Kindle apps in just a few seconds. The first, Simple Autoimmune Paleo Comfort Food, has over 30 AIP paleo comfort food recipes, including a slow-roasted pork belly with rosemary and sea salt, AIP 'ice cream' and some beautiful AIP breakfast pancakes. The second book, AIP and Paleo Snacks and Quick Lunches, contains over 40 recipes and ideas for snacks and speedy lunches. SPICE was released in April 2016 and contains over 90 fully AIP compliant recipes that will encourage you to use herbs and spices in your cooking. There are curries, stews, roasts, drinks, desserts and some AIP-ified takeaway favourites in there, too.


I hope it helps, and good luck on your healing journey!