My New Book: How To Eat Your Leftovers

A look at my new ebook to combat food waste, How To Eat Your Leftovers 
- A Handy Guide to Help You Save Money and Reduce Waste. 

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Do you know how much food is wasted around the world, every single day? 

Like, seriously?

You might think you only threw out a blackened bunch of bananas, that were too soft and browned to put into a cake or pop into your handbag. Or that lone crust at the bottom of a pack of bread that was a bit bashed up and a bit stale anyway. 

But what if I told you that every day, in just the UK, 1.4 million untouched bananas are thrown away? And, every day, we bin 24 million slices of bread? 

Kind of gives you a bigger picture, doesn't it? 

When I learned about this, I was determined to try and do something to help. I had lots of tips and tricks for how to use different leftovers in my brain, so it made sense to share these and help us all waste less food. 

They say if you want to see a change in the world, do something about it.

So I wrote this ebook

Recipe books about leftovers are all very well, but the author doesn't know what you've got in your fridge, and you don't want to have to do a load of extra shopping for one recipe that uses up leftover peas. You need something more flexible, that just gives lots of ideas on how you can use leftovers up and how you can combine it with whatever else you have handy. 

What occurred to me to be a lot more useful was a kind of 'leftovers dictionary' - that you can jump around all over the 55,000-odd words with just a click. You just find the food you want to use up, search for it, and the ebook will take you to the relevant section packed full of different ideas on what to do with it, as well as suggestions on which flavours it might suit best. 

I've covered all sorts of common leftover foods, including rice, bread, apples, meat, fish, ginger and herbs. Also ideas for leftover cake, croissants, veggies... 

Every diet is catered for - because let's face it, all types of food are being thrown in the bin. You can use the ideas for leftover bread to use up your gluten and grain free breads, too. And the ideas for using up milk or cream for dairy free versions like coconut and almond milk. 

As well as all these ideas, there are recipes too, taken from the blog, which are intended as inspiration. You're free of course to switch the recipes up, just using them as a guide, so that you can use up the leftovers you have in your fridge and not have to go shopping for even more food just to use them up.

With over 7 billion of us now living on the planet, I'm convinced that we could do more to ease the load on the Earth and avoid wasting those precious resources by using up what we already have and making our food go further. Yes, supermarkets are helping, by selling wonky veg and some restaurants and caf├ęs donate leftover meals to charity or to local shelters. But what about what goes on in our own kitchens? We can change that. Multiply what you waste in your own kitchen by a few million and you can start to imagine what change we could all make. 

It's my aim to help you save money and still eat well, as well as ease the pressure on the environment. 

Your trips to the shops will be more efficient, so you'll need to take fewer journeys. You'll use up the food you do have, making it go further and meaning you save money. You'll learn how to make an effective meal plan and shopping list - and how to navigate the supermarket. 

These tips have changed the way our family eats. I hope it helps you too. 

Have a look at How To Eat Your Leftovers, now available on the Amazon Kindle Store. 

Let me know what you think! What leftovers do you struggle to use up? 

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