29 AIP (Auto Immune Protocol) Paleo Breakfast Ideas

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Ok. Let's talk breakfast. Eggs, blueberry muffins, coffee, cereal, toast, croissants... lovely. Except when you're on the auto immune protocol, a diet designed to help heal your body and reduce the symptoms of autoimmune disease, you're not allowed any of this. 

AIP breakfast ideas - egg-free, dairy-free, grain-free, gluten-free

A lot of conventional breakfasts are packed with sugar, gluten, dairy, grains - which you can't have on AIP. So what DO you eat for breakfast? Well here are 29 AIP breakfast ideas to help you out. You'll see that avocado is mentioned a few times here - it's become my egg substitute (and works brilliantly with salty bacon, which helps, too)...

1. Coconut milk smoothie made from a 400ml can of coconut milk, a handful of frozen blueberries, and half a banana. Add a dash of vanilla extract if you're ok with that, too. 

2. AIP Banana and Coconut Pancakes

3. Pork and Leek Patties

4. Beef patties

5. Chicken soup  - made from simmering leftover shredded chicken, spring onion, ginger, garlic and greens in chicken broth. 

6. Leftover meats with vegetables - like sliced meatloaf, meatballs, roasted meats, patties etc. 

7. AIP Breakfast Porridge

8. Green Plantain Pancakes

9. Beef Liver Paté with stir-fried greens

10. AIP Plantain wraps - just roll up with your favourite filings and out the door you go

11. Paleo Autoimmune Granola

12. Streaky bacon, half an avocado and stir-fried veggies - try grated courgette (zucchini) and carrot fried in a little coconut oil until softened and seasoned with salt

13. Breakfast Hash - this pork, sweet potato and red onion hash is perfect for breakfast as it has a slight sausage flavour thanks to the pinch of mace. Use your favourite minced meat - turkey and chicken work well, too. 

14. Ginger Chicken with Courgette Noodles

15. Quick Bramley Apple Pie Pudding

16. Frozen Berries with Whipped Coconut Cream

17. Salmon fillet pan-fried in coconut oil with stir-fried vegetables and avocado. 

18. Leftover cooked roasted shredded chicken with greens, avocado and a ladleful of freshly made chicken broth (this is my favourite breakfast the morning after I put a crockpot on to make bone broth overnight). 

19. AIP Macaroons - One thing you miss on AIP is the convenience of grabbing a croissant out of the packet if you're in a real rush first thing in the morning. These macaroons are lovely - I've made them - and are handy for when you just need to get out of the door quickly, or keep you going with a bite until you can cook something more substantial

20. Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes - I'd have one just to keep me going if I was in a rush - but you'd still have to eat something 'proper' later on...

21. AIP Argentine Puchero - or any leftover stew - just spoon any leftovers of this into a bowl and reheat - you won't be hungry again until lunchtime - no snacking required!

22. Smoked salmon with salad greens, olive oil and avocado

23. AIP Cookies - this recipe includes chocolate chips - just leave them out for an AIP-compliant cookie to have handy for a quick bite in the morning before you can get proper breakfast started

24. Vegetable soup - just veggies fried with onion and then blitzed with hot stock - a good way to get broth into your diet 

25. Leftover shredded cooked meat, bacon, mushrooms, spring onion and courgettes - to make a small stir-fry, perfect for a quick veggie-packed breakfast

26. Prawns/shrimp/crayfish salad with lettuce, sliced avocado - with an apple cider and olive oil dressing if you like

27. Flaked cooked salmon with raw spinach leaves, olive oil and black olives

28. Green Smoothie - made with kale, apple celery - lots of recipes for these online (just make sure they're AIP compliant and don't contain yoghurt)

29. Butternut Squash, Kale, Ground Beef Breakfast Bowl - this recipe includes garam masala and curry spices - just omit the spices as they're not AIP compliant, and use a pinch of mace and dried thyme instead. 

On AIP? What are your favourite breakfasts to add to this list? 

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