Mini Paleo Bacon Burger Sliders

This paleo AIP snack or party treat is really quick to prepare and you can make up a big batch easily. Plan them for your next big event.

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Party food is so starchy, usually, isn't it? 

It's all pastries and Indian or Chinese baked selections, cheese tarts and sandwiches. 

I just feel like there's a need for lower carb options that are compatible with paleo and even AIP. 

Hold my drink. I got this... 

Mini Paleo Burger Sliders AIP

These little burger bites are shockingly easy to put together, and a little bit of work actually results in a load of these, so you can feed quite a few people at once. Easy. 

Hot little burger bites. 

Mini Paleo Burger Sliders AIP

The burgers are flavoured with sea salt and freshly chopped parsley and they're sitting on a lightly fried (in the bacon and beef fat - heaven) courgette/zucchini slice. Then there's a crispy, salty piece of bacon on top of that, and then a briny green olive to help cut the fattiness of everything else. You could add a gherkin slice if you like, too - but I always find it difficult to get AIP compliant gherkins that aren't flavoured with mustard seeds. But if you're not bothered about that, go ahead and use one of those if you like. 

Perfect for a party, a snack or Saturday night dinner in front of the telly. 

Mini Bacon Beef Burger Sliders
Makes 9 sliders
400g minced beef
pinch of sea salt
small handful freshly chopped parsley
1 large courgette/zucchini
3 rashers smoked streaky bacon

First of all, make your burger mixture. Combine the minced beef, sea salt and chopped parsley until smooth. Roll the beef mixture into 9 meatballs and put to one side. 

Next, cook the bacon. In a dry frying pan, arrange the rashers of streaky bacon and cook gently until browned - about 5 minutes or so, turning once during cooking. When golden and slightly crisp, lift out using tongs and place on a small plate to one side to cool. 

Keep the heat on the pan, and add the 9 meatballs to the pan, turning often, until cooked through. This might take around 15-20 minutes, just make sure they're cooked through, and then lift them out with tongs onto a side plate. 

Finally, cut the courgette/zucchini into thick slices and use the beefy, bacon fat in the pan to quickly fry them, until golden on the outside, but still firm in the centre - about 3-4 minutes. 

To assemble the sliders, arrange the courgette/zucchini slices onto a board and top with one of the cooked beef meatballs. Cut the bacon rashers into 3 pieces and top one onto each meatball, securing with a cocktail stick. Top with a green olive and serve. 

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