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Recognising That Life Is a Journey - from the book Love Life, Stress Less

This is a chapter from my book Love Life, Stress Less. It's a handy little book packed full of pep talks that deal with some of the stresses and anxieties of modern life. I hope you love it. 

You can find out more over at Amazon. 

Recognise That Life is a Journey

Without meaning to quote 1990s rock lyrics, it is true that life is most definitely a journey and not a means to an end destination.
No one understands this better, in my opinion, than leather-clad, beardy bikers.
Motorbike riders will arrange to meet up and go for a cup of tea in a greasy spoon cafĂ© off some B-road somewhere. The person who knows the way rides at the front, and everyone else follows. They’ll fill up with fuel, don their leathers, gloves and helmets (safety first) and off they go.
They’ll buzz up the road in a hazy puff of diesel in a glossy, twinkling, black and chrome convoy, passing sleepy villages, vibrant towns and sky-scraper-laden cities with the dull, throbbing boom of their engines.
They’ll pass 500-yea…

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