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Tips on Making Your Own Food or Health e-book

This is a sponsored post and we thank Design Bundles for their support.  I've written a fair few e-books, and I've also collaborated with other bloggers on community e-books, and it occurred to me that I had all this experience in my head that could be better off out of my head helping other people. Because you don't need to spend hours searching how to do something on the internet when I've done that for you over the last 10 years. Right?   If you're thinking about creating an e-book for yourself, for a gift or for your audience - then read on.  Photo by  Spencer  on  Unsplash Why create an ebook in the first place? E-books are great. To start with they're still popular (I created my first one around eight years ago and they're still going strong). They're downloadable instantly and you can read them on anything you can read a pdf file on - a phone, computer, tablet - even a Kindle. You don't need any fancy software or monthly subscriptions to stor

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