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Instant Pot Spelt Chocolate Cake

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Something I love cooking in my Instant Pot: CAKE. 
It's cleaner than cooking in the oven, we end up with a smaller cake that we all eat fresh - in a couple of days - and it results in an all-round moister cake. You can't argue with all this. 

Instant Pot Cake. 
This cake is roughly based on the Carrot Cake recipe in Jenny Tschiesche's best-selling book The Modern MultiCooker Cookbook. It uses spelt as the flour, so it's not totally gluten free, but is thought to be more easily digested than regular wheat flour. But it's definitey a no-go if you're coeliac or need to be gluten free. It's has a soft crumb and a rich chocolate flavour. Oh, and it's ready in around half an hour. 

Finally - eat with fresh raspberries. SO GOOD. 
Instant Pot Spelt Chocolate Cake Mad…

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