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CBD and Sleep - A Look at the Options

This is a sponsored post, and we thank The CBD Guide for their support. 
CBD is still super popular in the wellness sphere and its fans claim that it does everything from soothe anxiety to aid in fitness recovery. 
But could it help you get a better night's sleep? 

The science.Studies on CBD and sleep are mixed, but promising. A 2017 study concluded that “CBD may hold promise for REM sleep behaviour disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness” while a 2020 clinical review said that there was “promising preliminary evidence” and called for more research into those suffering with “sleep apnea, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder-related nightmares, restless legs syndrome, rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder, and narcolepsy.” 
So how does it work? OK so firstly, CBD won't get you high. CBD products in the UK can’t legally contain more than 0.2% of THC which is the natural compound that causes the ‘high’ effect. However, CBD itself can do magic and interact with the endocan…

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