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10 Things to Do Right Now If You're Feeling Low

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We all have those days. 

Those days where we want to shut the curtains, wriggle under the duvet and hide. 
But there are things you can do to elevate your mood - try some of these...
Crank up the music Music is a great healer - there's a reason ancient caves have been found to have incredible acoustics, where people would have gone to hear singing, chanting and humming echoing around and resonating in their bodies. Nowadays we turn to CDs or digital playlists and crank it up. If you have a digital music player - or if you listen on your phone - add a few uplifting tunes to a playlist, or build a whole playlist just for those days. You can listen to some of the ones I have on my Apple Music Playlist here (some might be a bit sweary). An…

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