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The New Healthy Fish and Chips

#AD This is a sponsored post, with Alaska Seafood. And even though they've sponsored this post, honestly, the recipe is gorgeous and you need to make it yourself. Gorgeous. 

We all know that eating fish is healthy. We're supposed to be adding it to our diet a few times each week. And you might reach for cod, haddock or mackerel at the fishmonger but did you know that pollock is healthy to eat, too? 

Pollock is high in protein, easily digestible and contains all nine of the amino acids the body needs that it can't make itself. Which makes it a nutrient dense powerhouse. Just 85g of Alaska pollock also gives you 285mg Omega 3 oils. Added to that, all Alaska seafood is wild, natural and sustainable. The fish here swim in some of the world's cleanest waters. 

A serving of Pollock provides: 

Vitamin E - to balance cholesterol and contribute to healthy skinVitamin C - to maintain cells, heal and repairVitamin A - for good visionVitamin D - research shows that Vitamin D may help …

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