At Comfort Bites Blog, we respect your personal information. Did you ever sign up to receive marketing from one company you trusted and then find you get emails from other companies you didn’t ask for? We find that really annoying, so we don’t do it. We don’t sell personal details or share email lists with other companies for marketing purposes. We treat your personal information with respect and only use it when we need to. Like if you win something, or if you have a question you need a reply to. 

Even when you do leave data behind when you visit the blog, it's not checked and recorded by me. Honestly. I'm too busy in the kitchen. 

This Privacy Policy will help explain how we use any data you leave behind when you visit or interact with the blog. 

Get comfy and have a read.

Comfort Bites Blog is created using Blogger, which is owned by Google. Blogger and Google uses cookies to collect information. This may include details about which pages you visit and purchasing behaviour. Through Adsense, it may also help to provide relevant advertisements to you. Cookies aim to improve your experience of using the blog. If you like, you can disable these cookies, but, like us, the internet doesn't work so well without them. You can find out more about Google and Blogger's cookie policy here

When you comment on Comfort Bites Blog, you leave behind your data in the form of email addresses or first names, or whatever you decide to type in to identify you when you comment on a post. I've enabled Anonymous comments so if you don't want to leave any data behind, you can always choose this option. 

Google Analytics
When you visit Comfort Bites Blog, a third party service called Google Analytics may collect standard information about your visit - for example which pages you visit, where you are in the world and on which kind of device you’re viewing the site on. We occasionally monitor this data so that we can continue to design the blog to fit your needs and create content that is relevant for our readers. All of this information is processed in a way that does not identify you personally.

Mailing Lists
If you decide to subscribe to my newsletter for updates about the blog, we will collect your email address and name to be able to deliver this to you. Occasionally you might enter a giveaway hosted on the blog and we’ll ask for your email address to be able to contact you if you’re the winner and arrange delivery of your prize. We won’t use this information for anything else. 

For the newsletter, we use a third-party provider, Mailchimp, who store your details for us and then we use that to send you the updates. We can view opening rates of the newsletters and any email clicks, which help us to keep improving the newsletter to find out what people tend to like and engage with. For more information, see Mailchimp’s Privacy Notice. 

On signing up, you can choose to receive updates and marketing materials in the form of any special offers I think might be relevant to you - quite often I get told about bundles of products that are much cheaper than buying the items separately, for example, and I love to tell you about this in case it's relevant to you. You can opt out of the marketing emails if you like, by updating your preferences through Mailchimp and just clicking on 'updates' to get blog news. 

You can decide to unsubscribe from these email updates at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link that’s at the bottom of every newsletter. It just takes a few clicks. 

Third Parties
If you decide to purchase an item through the blog, you will be directed to the vendor’s website to complete the sale. Your data and buying patterns will be stored by them. I mainly use the third party websites Gumroad, eJunkie and Amazon to share with you products I think you might like. I can view buyer’s email addresses for my own products on Gumroad, but I cannot view any of your data from eJunkie and Amazon. 

As well as Adsense advertising on the blog, I also use affiliate links which help me to support my blogging activities. Affiliate links are always declared in every blog post where they appear. I don't retain any data relating to you if you click on an affiliate link.

The blog is created using the blogging platform Blogger, which is owned by Google. Please refer to Google’s Privacy Notice for more information. 

Your Data
You are entitled to view, change and delete the personal information that we hold. Just send an email to Jo at and we’ll sort it for you.

This Privacy Notice was updated on 21st May, 2018. It will be reviewed as guidelines change.