Review of Green People's Age Defy Cell Enrich Facial Oil

Can an organic, anti-ageing formula ever really work? Or are all those chemicals in high street brands of wrinkle-busting creams and lotions necessary to combat those fine lines? I try out the organic Age Defy Cell Enrich Facial Oil by Green People and find out for myself. 

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From my late 20s up until now, I've used anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle creams from the supermarket or the high street. Some of them seemed to work, others totally didn't. And somehow, even though you know the long lists of weird ingredients aren't probably great for you, you kind of trust them. It's as if there's no way anything natural could be anti-ageing. We need all those chemicals to strip back our fine lines and wrinkles. 

Review of Green People Age Defy Cell Enrich Facial Oil

But do we? Do we really?

I've used Green People, the online shop for organic, vegan make up and skincare - for things like lipstick (I love the Damask Rose, the one lipstick in the last 15 years that seemed to match my skin tone effortlessly), mascara and tinted moisturiser. I buy their shampoo and conditioner too, which, while I'm not sure it's healing my scalp, it's definitely not aggravating it each time I wash like high street shampoos do. 

But anti-ageing? Seriously? 

Boosted by the great reviews on their website, I bought a little bottle of their Age Defy Cell Enrich Facial Oil, slapped it onto my face each morning and waited for the wrinkles to disappear. 

The first thing I'd say about this oil is that the scent is beautiful. It's made with aromas including lavender, cedar wood, ho wood, rose geranium, ylang ylang (incidentally the oil of choice in my diffuser at the moment), palmarosa, lemon and chamomile. It smells so luxurious - and I do think inhaling the scent of the oil as it touches your warm skin makes you feel instantly calmer. Go essential oils. 

It's recommended that you don't rub the oil in - you pat it into your skin using small, light movements - I start off this way and then can't resist smoothing the oil across my skin gently, going down to my neck a little. 

My skin is fairly sensitive but not dry - I'd describe it as combination - and the oil just soaks into it leaving no greasiness. That was the first surprise. I was worried I'd go through the day with a shiny face but I didn't at all. It's light, and it's also great as a base for makeup. I don't wear make up every day, but the oil seems to hydrate your skin and plump it up ready for your foundation to go on smoothly - I use Green People's Tinted Moisturiser. Most days I'll smooth in some of this oil, add a flick of masacara and I'm done for the day. It just seems to give me that hydrated, glowy look, which I like. Green People even say that the formula increases cell regeneration, which is where it's wrinkle-busting powers come in.

The only thing I suppose might alarm people a little is the price - currently £34 for a 30ml pump-top bottle. However, you only need a couple of pumps to cover your face and neck, so, even though it's a small bottle, it's going to last you quite a long time. Also, high street non-organic lotions and oils can be bought for a similar price. I actually feel really good buying organic, because I know that what's going onto my skin - and consequently being absorbed into my bloodstream - is all natural. There doesn't seem to me, much point in looking after your diet, eating organic where you can and getting lots of sleep if you're going to slap man made chemicals on your face every day. 

Don't forget too, that you can take advantage of the many offers Green People have on their website. They usually have an offer or discount code every few weeks, so keep a look out. 

This is all very well, you're probably wondering, but do I look any younger? 

I've been using the oil for about 8 weeks, and I can't really say whether I look younger or not. I mean obviously there are still lines when I smile, but that's normal. I haven't needed to wear my tinted moisturiser as much as I used to. Although I put the oil on just after a shower, first thing in the morning, my skin stays soft all day long (I just brushed my cheek, just then, to make sure). And usually in the winter I suffer with the worst chapped, dry skin on my hands and inbetween my fingers - so far this month, I haven't. I guess all that smoothing the oil in using my fingertips has paid off. I also don't get any feeling of heaviness on my skin, like I do with high street serums - they also give me break outs. This isn't like that at all, for me. 

Plus, the aroma makes you feel like you're a wealthy Roman lady from olden days. 

OK, that last bit was random, but you get the idea. 

If you're looking for a more ethical form of skincare and an organic anti-ageing oil then I would recommend you try this one. I honestly love it. And don't forget to keep an eye on the Green People website for their latest offers. 

Have you used Green People's Cell Enrich Facial Oil? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.