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My new book!

I've just realised a new book, all about reducing stress and learning to love life a bit (a lot!) more. It has 56 short, bite-sized chapters that will make you think about a common problem or worry and help you reframe it. I share events in my own life - what led me to need to find a love for life, and how I reframed certain situations to live a life that's happier, more contented and full of awe and joy. Because stressing less is also about living life a bit more. It's all linked. And I'll show you how. 

The amazing Life Coach and Psychologist Jenna Sinclair from Living Intentionally Coaching wrote the Foreword, which is also very insightful and will get you thinking, too.

The book sprang out of a period of life that wasn't so great for me - I had been diagnosed with PTSD, depression, OCD and general anxiety. So, sobbing in a therapist's office on a damp, autumn afternoon I took the decision to approach life in a different way, and I share how I did it in the book. 

I'm getting messages each day about how the book is helping people around the world. Maybe it could help you! 

Grab your copy now on Amazon Kindle or Paperback

What others have said about Love Life, Stress Less: 

"Loving those bite-sized pieces of text that pack a powerful punch of stress-reduction advice." 

"Now I have this inspirational bag-sized treasury of wisdoms to read on trains, between appointments and relaxing before bed."

"This lovely little book contains inspirational bite-sized chapters that take only a few minutes to read. The chapters are very uplifting and really make you think that life's just too amazing and short to be moaning about little things." 

"This little book will make you feel good. Dipping into 'Love Life, Stress Less' will leave you feeling the world is a better place. It's a bit like receiving a hug. Jo has a warm and inclusive writing style that has you feeling as though you're sitting with a good friend, one who lifts you up and sees the best bits of you. A beautiful read."

Read a sample chapter:
You Are Amazing. Seriously.
Recognise That Life Is A Journey.
Every Moment is Enormous