My Recipes on Primal Eye Magazine

Did you know I write for Primal Eye Magazine, an online mag based in the UK, and dedicated to all things paleo and primal? I've written some articles on things like how to do a paleo lifestyle on a budget and how to use slow cook, and cheaper cuts of meat in the warmer summer months. But I've also written some recipes on there that I know you'll love. 

Like this:

The AIP Argentine Beef and Chimichurri Burger

Looks good, yes? 

And what about this minced meat curry that's also totally AIP-compliant? Friday nights are sorted with this Lamb and Butternut Squash Keema... 

Sweet tooth?

Then I've still got you covered, with these AIP Raspberry and Lemon Ice Lollies...

and this Blackberry Panna Cotta... 

Check out my dedicated author page to see what else I've been posting - I have lots more ideas up my sleeve - and have a look at all the other cool writers sharing their perspectives on Primal and Paleo living on Primal Eye