Masa Gran

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When it's hot outside, my husband makes a drink called Masa Gran. 

It's a chilled coffee drink, from Argentina - and it's actually really refreshing on a hot day. Ice cubes, lemon, coffee... 

Here's how he makes it:

First, dissolve three-quarters of a teaspoon of instant coffee in about a pint of cold water. Yes, he uses instant coffee. If you have fresh coffee (and I imagine this would taste more amazing), make a shot of it and then let it cool and top up to one pint with fresh, cold water. 

Add in some ice cubes and then stir in the juice of half a lemon and a couple of teaspoons of coconut sugar to sweeten. Have a taste, adding more lemon juice or sugar if needed. 

Stir it all together. 

And serve chilled. 

Masa Gran. 

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