One Pan Breakfast: Ham, Eggs and Spinach

This looks easy, I know. And it is easy. 

The best part is that you can eat it straight out of the pan you cooked it in, so - hey - no washing up.

I used frozen spinach for this, the main reason being that I didn't have any fresh spinach in the fridge, but I also love how it has a stronger flavour and darker colour - and that it's all chopped up and washed for you. 

Add in your favourite foods too - do you like tomatoes? Chuck it a couple of cherry tomatoes, or thickly sliced tomatoes, along with the spinach. Or add mushrooms. Drizzle over some hot sauce, if you like. 

One Pan Breakfast - Ham, Eggs and Spinach
Serves 1
1 tsp butter
2 slices ham
1 handful spinach (I used one block of frozen spinach)
2 eggs (I used Clarence Court's Burford Brown eggs for a richer yolk)
salt and pepper

First, melt the butter in a smallish frying pan and tear up the ham before dropping it in. Let it sizzle and turn golden. Remove to a small plate and then add the spinach, straight from the freezer if you're using frozen. Once it's wilted down (this will be a few seconds if you're using fresh - about 5 minutes if frozen) stir in the ham and then crack in the eggs, tilting the pan so that the egg white runs around the rest of the ingredients. Let it all sizzle together for a couple of minutes, until the egg white is pretty much cooked. Turn off the hob and then slide the pan under the grill to finish cooking the egg on top. Season with salt and pepper and then tuck in. Beautiful.