15 AIP Paleo Recipes That Are Perfect for Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day. It's coming up, and if you're looking for something nice for dinner (whether with a loved one or just for yourself) then here's a roundup of my favourite recipes that are perfect for Valentine's Day. Because you're going to busy enough sweeping up all those cards and red roses from your front door to worry about it yourself. 

Persian Watercress Strawberry Chicken Salad

A nice, light salad with strawberries, bacon and chicken. Make it for lunch or pack it and take it and eat it while going on a romantic stroll in the park. Sorted. 

Because you'll need something to dip your guacamole in. Just make sure you get nightshade spice and black pepper-free prosciutto, unless you've reintroduced it. 

Bacon-Wrapped Chimichurri Stuffed Chicken

Once you've wrapped this lovely thing up, the oven takes care of the rest. Because no one wants to spend all of Valentine's Day stuck in the kitchen, do they? 

Coconut, Vanilla and Raspberry Ice Lollies

I know it's still February, but hey - why not?

Autoimmune Courgette Bolognese

If you're feeling extra romantic you could just make a huge bowl of this and slurp it up together just like the dogs did on Lady and the Tramp. If you wanted to. 

Coconut and Strawberry Ice Cream

It's pink, it's dessert and it's downright delicious. So it's perfect then. 

Roasted Prawns with Smoked Garlic and Parsley

Seafood is full of good nutritious things. You also eat these with your fingers, which could be quite romantic. And the Romans ate loads of seafood didn't they - and, well, judging by the mosaics and wallpaintings they left behind, they weren't shy. 

Slow Roasted Pork Belly with Garlic and Cider

"Irresistible. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Oh, sorry love. I was talking about the pork..."

Smoked Salmon Parcels

A nice starter to a special meal that you can make the day before and keep in the fridge. Just whip them out to get to room temperature half an hour before eating and pretend you slaved over them all day. Like I do.

Raspberry Ice Cream Cake

A date and coconut base with raspberry and coconut ice cream top and then raspberry drizzle poured over before you eat. A great Valentine's pud. 

Turkey, Bacon, Fig and Raspberry Salad

Figs are an aphrodisiac, so some boffins reckon. And if you needed any more proof, it's said that Cleopatra ate loads of them. And there's bacon. And raspberries. In fact this salad was MADE for Valentine's. Enjoy. 

Strawberries and Cream Milkshake

Just picture the two of you, gazing at each other longingly over a glass of this. Or just blitz one up for yourself. It's lovely. 

Roasted Duck Breasts with Raspberry and Orange Sauce

Crisp-skinned duck breasts, roasted for 20 minutes in the oven and then served with this tangy raspberry and orange sauce. Perfect...

Blueberry Topped Sweet Potato

Bake a couple of these and with that topping, it beats breakfast pancakes for sure. 

Slow Cooker Garlic Lamb Shanks with Lemon Dressing

Stick a couple of lamb shanks in the slow cooker and leave them to cook all day. Just whisk up the dressing before you're going to eat and you have a really effortless, tasty and indulgent meal. 

What are you feasting on for Valentine's Day? 

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