AIP Sweet Potato Garlic Shoestring Fries (Or Fried Swoodles)

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Trust me. 

You need these shoestring fries (or fried swoodles - sweet potato noodles) in your life. 

They actually came about as a complete accident, when I didn't have much fresh veg in the kitchen but I did have some spinach and a white sweet potato. I was also really hungry. "I'll just give the sweet potato the once over with the julienne peeler and fry it", I thought - you know, so it cooks really quickly

My julienne peeler - it makes strips as it peels (Lakeland)
What I ended up with - after just about 5 minutes - was a tangle of crispy, garlicky and sweet fries. They were crunchy in some places and soft and chewy in others. Honestly. I'm in love. Like, properly in love with these fries. Oh, and use duck fat. You could probably use coconut oil (a mild, flavourless one) or another fat of your choice but DUCK FAT. You'll thank me later. 

AIP Sweet Potato Garlic Shoestring Fries
Serves 1
1 medium-sized white sweet potato, peeled
2 tbsp duck fat (use coconut or avocado oil to make the recipe vegan or vegetarian)
good pinch of garlic salt

First, spiralise, or run a julienne peeler, if you have one, over your peeled white sweet potato, so you end up with really thin, stick-like pieces. Or run it over a mandolin and then cut by hand into matchstick-like strips. Pop them to one side. 

Next, melt the duck fat in a medium-sized frying pan that has enough room to hold all your sweet potato sticks. Once the fat is hot, over a medium heat (not too hot or they'll just burn), scatter in the fries and then season straight away with the garlic salt. Stir-fry for 5-6 minutes, until they're soft and tender and starting to crisp up. Serve as soon as they're done. 

Here's the julienne peeler I use to make these shoestring fries.