Review of Hope's Relief Psoriasis Shampoo

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I'm really difficult to buy gifts for. 

Most people get chocolate (can't eat that, because psoriasis) or wine (nope, psoriasis again). Or fancy bath soaps and lotions (can't have them either, makes my psoriasis itchy). Perfumes (nope. Gives me migraines). 

A nightmare. 

So for my birthday this year, my mum bought me some Hope's Relief shampoo and conditioner. Sounds a bit clinical perhaps for a birthday present, but I was really glad that she did. 

I've tried a whole load of shampoos for my scalp psoriasis since I was about 15 years old. My pocket money would go on a different shampoo each month, determined to get rid of it. Obviously I lathered it all in, with its massive list of obscure chemicals, while eating chocolate bars, drinking fizzy drinks and generally stressing about exams and homework, which can't have done it any good. So it's of little surprise really that nothing - even the medicated shampoos the doctors would prescribe - worked. 

Until now. 

Honestly, the first time I used Hope's Relief shampoo it seemed to make my scalp itch a little bit more. But I soldiered on, using it each time I washed my hair and following up with the conditioner. I can honestly say that after the second or third day, my skin started to itch a lot less and the flakes began to soften up. So I bought another batch. 

It's not cheap - for the shampoo and conditioner I paid about £30. But they last a few months as you only need to use a little bit each time, and you're working most of it into your scalp and then running it through your hair. I started using it in May and finished the bottle in September, which isn't actually too bad value for money, because it worked. 

And not only does it help control the itching, it also makes your hair feel smooth and shiny. 

But we need to talk about the consistency, especially the shampoo. The first bottle I tried back in May had the texture of a frothy cappuccino. You tip the squeezy bottle and it just pours out like water, which led to quite a lot of waste. And because it wasn't thick, it was difficult to get through your hair and onto your skin, so that it could do its magic. The Amazon reviews that I read said the same. 

Well, it seems they've listened. The new bottle of the shampoo comes with a pump and it does seem to be of a thicker consistency, making the whole thing much easier to use. The conditioner is actually much thicker and still comes as an old fashioned squeezy bottle.

The magic of this is shampoo and conditioner combo is down to the natural ingredients which include manuka honey, aloe vera, calendula and licorice. No coal tar, sulphates, parabens, perfumes or artificial colours. 

I'd tried a lot of shampoos over the years and I'm so happy that this actually did work. My mum (there are benefits to her working in a chemist's shop) says that a lot of people keep coming back for it, which she takes as a good sign that it helps. 

I now use Hope's Relief regularly to help control flare-ups of my scalp psoriasis, and for me, along with reducing my sugar and stress (the AIP diet) it's really helped. The Hope's Relief cream also helps control the patch of psoriasis I still have above  my eye. It's really good stuff. 

Interested to find out more? You can check out Hope's Relief on Amazon via the links below.