AIP King Prawn Curry - Guest Posting on The Paleo Mom

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Because I talk to readers and AIP-ers on Facebook groups, Twitter and Instagram, I know that one of the things you can crave quite a lot on the autoimmune protocol is CURRY.

I've pretty much got the AIP Thai Curry down - we cook it quite often and it's one of our favourite dinners. But Indian food is a little bit more tricky. 

Before I was AIP I cooked my curries from scratch and relied on shelves full of spices, chillies, tomatoes, yoghurt and cream. Obviously then you go AIP and take out most of those (seed and nightshade) spices and black pepper - and all the dairy as well and you can get a bit stuck. So I've kind of made it my mission over the last few months to create curries that are fully AIP compliant and that will still satisfy that Friday night craving. 

And when I was contacted my The Paleo Mom to write a guest post, I knew it had to be this one. I'd cooked lamb, mutton, goat and chicken curries - but I'd been playing with a zestier, more fragrant version for prawns. I loved it. Get the recipe - and the full post for this AIP-Compliant King Prawn Curry, over at The Paleo Mom. 

What curry dishes do you miss mostly on AIP? What would you like to see me make AIP-compliant?

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