Winter St Clement's Mocktail

An alcohol-free cocktail with a winter touch, for the festive season. A twist on the classic St Clement's drink with orange and lemon. 

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I always struggle with festive drinks at this time of year. Yes, I drink the occasional bit of alcohol - especially on Christmas Eve, which I love as it seems so magical, but I'm talking a glass or two of weak Prosecco with a few nibbles before bed. What about the rest of the time? Or if someone doesn't drink alcohol at all?

Alcohol-free drinks seem to be sugary fruit juices, lemonade packed with sweeteners or alcohol-free wine, which isn't really as interesting or festive enough I think. And then there's the good old cup of tea, but come on. You didn't come to a fancy Christmas party to drink a mug of tea.

Enter this Winter St Clement's Mocktail. 

paleo AIP winter st clements orange and lemon cocktail alcohol free

It looks glamorous enough that it could pass for something really sophisticated, if you wanted to give it a trendier, more complicated name. And it's much easier to make than a cup of tea. 

The cinnamon stick just gives a very slight spiced flavour to the drink, which consists of stirred orange juice, lemon juice and fizzy water. No ice cubes. You want the drink to gradually mellow in the warmth of the room. The longer you leave the cinnamon stick, the more intense the warm, wintery flavour. It's like a chilled mulled orange juice. 

Refreshing, Christmassy and a pretty colour. And good for you, too. 

Who wants one?

Winter St Clement's Mocktail
Serves 1 (double or triple the recipe if needed)
juice of 1 large orange (I got 100ml out of mine)
juice of 1 medium-sized lemon (I got 40ml from mine)
approx 100ml sparkling water
1 cinnamon stick

Squeeze the juice from the orange and lemon and pour into a small glass. Top up with the fizzy water. It will froth slightly at the top. Drop in a cinnamon stick and stir. Leave the cinnamon stick in the drink and serve. 

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