Blackberry and Lime Camomile Iced Tea

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The sun's out, at least for now, and while I'm typing this wearing my jumper and jeans and a slight chill in the breeze coming through the open back door, I'm pleased to see the green shoots, the blue skies and hear the chattery chirping of birds that tells me winter is long gone. 

I find time each day now to sit in the garden, with the sun on my skin for a good half an hour - usually with a good book. I've recently discovered the Shardlake books by CJ Sansom, have you read any of them? I've just finished book two in the series, Dark Fire. Once I start, I can't put them down. 

Blackberry and Lime Chamomile Iced Tea AIP paleo vegan

When I'm immersing myself in the deep, dark underworld of sixteenth century politics and intrigue, I like to take something in the garden to sip on - something that will keep me hydrated and hopefully contain something in the way of vitamins while I'm at it. Just to help me along. Plus it makes me feel a bit more glamorous out there. All I need are a pair of fluffy mule type slippers and a pair of oversized sunglasses I reckon, and I'm set. 

This idea came out of a camomile tea I made myself that had gone cold before I'd finished it. The flavour of cold camomile to me, versus when it's hot, feels different. Kind of sweeter, less daisy-like. It struck me that, with some ice and a few aromatics, you could make a pretty decent chilled camomile tea that was meant to be drunk cold. 

And so this happened.  

Blackberry and Lime Camomile Iced Tea AIP paleo vegan

Blackberry and Lime Camomile Iced Tea. 

All you need is a stripy straw and some umbrellas a la Del Boy. 

By the way - wondering why I write 'camomile' instead of 'chamomile'? This post at Twinings sums it up well. I just prefer the Medieval spelling. 

Blackberry and Lime Camomile Iced Tea AIP paleo vegan

Blackberry and Lime Camomile Iced Tea
Serves 1
250ml boiling water
1 camomile teabag 
handful of ice
handful of fresh or frozen blackberries
1 lime

Pour the just boiled water over the camomile tea bag in a jug, up to the 250ml mark. Allow to sit there and cool, and let the tea bag infuse the whole time. Once the tea is cold, at room temperature, squeeze out the tea bag using a spoon and discard. 

Fill a large glass or Kilner jar like the one I've used, with ice and blackberries - get some blackberries going all the way up the glass. Alternate with a few berries, then ice and so on. Pour the cooled camomile tea over the ice and berry mixture. Some of the ice will melt, as the tea is room temperature, this is fine. The ice will help chill it to frosty-glass cold for you. 

Finish with a squeeze of lime and plop the lime half into the glass with it, to release the oils gradually from the skin as you sip. Plonk a straw in, and you're done. 

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