Barley Cup Caffeine Free 'Coffee' Review

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Have you heard of Barleycup? It's a caffeine-free coffee substitute, that, to me, tastes quite close to the real thing (but then it's been a while since I've had a proper filter coffee, so there is that). It does the trick for me, in any case.

You might remember I've been on a bit of a chicory coffee kick lately, ever since I discovered it about a month ago. I have a cup in the morning - black, sweetened, if I feel like it, with a drop of honey. And then another before bed. Sometimes I add a spoonful of coconut cream if I feel like something a bit more indulgent, and I think it's lovely. No caffeine, no jitters, no stomach upset or indigestion. Just a soothing drink whenever I fancy it. It's supposed to be good for the digestion - it's a source of fibre - and heart health, too. 

Just saying. 

Well, there's this other instant drink called Barleycup. You just drop a heaped teaspoon of the dark powder into a mug and then pour over hot water from the kettle and you're done. They sent me three varieties to try: Organic, Instant and with Dandelion

The first thing I need to tell you is that, if you're strict paleo or AIP, then I'm not sure this drink is 100% compliant for you. It's made from barley and rye (so they're grains) which have been blended with chicory root and in one case, dandelion root. But although barley and rye are gluten containing grains, this drink is certified gluten free. I asked Barley Cup how this could be and they replied with this: 

"Barleycup is made using a unique process that includes extracting a liquid that is then free from gluten. The extraction process involves washing the ingredients so that the water-soluble elements separate from the roasted raw materials and the non-soluble ones, such as gluten. The gluten is retained in post extraction waste. The extracted liquid is then dried and then used either as a powder or granules." 

All good, gluten free-wise. 

Now on to how it tastes. 

There was very little difference in taste between the Organic and Instant ranges - but then I wouldn't expect there to be a huge difference, anyway. It's the origin of the ingredients that's more of interest here. The one with Dandelion blended in tasted a little more bitter - a little more richer - like regular coffee - than the others. This is the one I've got opened on the worktop and have been drinking every day with my breakfast since I received the jars. 

I love how the drink is instant - I once bought some roasted dandelion root and there were detailed instructions on how to brew it, through a paper filter and you had to wait for it to drip through. None of this here - just add a spoonful to a cup, pour in some hot water and you're done. I love the espresso-like, swirly foam that gathers on top, and I also like how the drink is versatile. I've used it to make creamy coconut milk latte-type drinks and iced coffee as well as drunk it black. 

You can buy Barleycup to try for yourself in health food stores or on Amazon

Have you tried Barleycup? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks to Barleycup for sending me the samples of the drink to try.