Lemon and Mint Iced Camomile Tea

A fruity, refreshing iced camomile tea, with lemon and mint. 
Allergy friendly and easy to make!

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Back in April, I visited the Victoria and Albert Museum on Exhibition Road, in London.

Oh my word what a place. 

I love history. And art. And to have there, as you walk in, immaculate sculptures of gods and goddesses that were made thousands of years ago, is, to me, immense. I saw a dress from the 1700s that a lady would have had to have shimmied through doors sideways in her dainty little box-like pointy shoes to fit through. I saw Henry VIII's writing desk and an ancient gold necklace from pre-Roman times. I stood in awe at the Raphael paintings, lit in semi darkness to preserve them. So much culture. 


My kids love the Natural History Museum opposite. But next time, they can drop me off here on their way. 

It's probably my favourite place in the world. 

And all this staring up at paintings and sculptures wide eyed and open-mouthed made me thirsty. So I stopped in at their beautiful Victorian tea room to have a cuppa.  

And there, in the V and A cafe, I saw advertised Camomile and Lemon Tea. 

Camomile and lemon. That would taste nice. 

I ordered one, and when I sat down to drink, I realised I'd been given plain camomile instead. So I drank it up anyway, and headed home to experiment. 

Camomile has that sweet, earthy, daisy-like quality to it. And lemon is also sweet (depending on the lemon) but sharp and zesty. And mint - well, mint just freshens the whole lot up. And I knew that a camomile and lemon combo - definitely needed ice - lots of it.

And here it is. Deeply refreshing, cooling and reviving. 

Even the colour will cheer you up. 

Try it.

Lemon and Mint Camomile Iced Tea
Serves 1
1 camomile tea bag (or 2 tsp loose camomile flowers tea)
300ml hot, not quite boiling water (just over 1 cup)
handful of ice cubes
handful of fresh mint leaves, washed
1 lemon, sliced

Make the camomile tea by steeping the tea bag or the loose camomile tea in the hot water for about 5 minutes. Leave to cool to lukewarm and then take out the tea bag/strain the loose tea. 

Fill a glass with the ice cubes and push in the fresh mint leaves and lemon slices, squeezing them amongst the ice. 

Pour the cooled camomile tea into the glass - these are the ones I use - over the ice. 

Add a couple of (paper) straws and slurp, preferably in the sunshine, with your feet up. 

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