Caffeine Free Iced Chicory Coffee Shots

A refreshing caffeine-free iced coffee, made from chicory coffee. Dairy-free and also AIP compliant, too. 

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Summertime vibes. 

We're in the middle of September now, but apart from a few crispy brown leaves rustling about on the ground and a slight chill early in the mornings, the weather's not that bad. It's still warm most of the time and I haven't got my winter coat out yet. This is a good sign. 

And I've been sipping on this: caffeine-free iced coffee. 

OK, it's not really coffee, it's chicory coffee. Chicory coffee is basically ground up, roasted chicory root, and by fantastic chance, it tastes a bit like coffee.  It's mild and kind of sweet and creamy, with a little bitterness. It's credited with some heath benefits, the main one being that it's rich in fibre, which keeps your gut bacteria happy. 

Here, I've made my usual chicory coffee but shook it up with some coconut milk and poured into a glass that I've chinked in ice cubes also made from chicory coffee, for a stronger flavour. If you like though, you can use regular ice cubes for a more subtle taste. 

For a sweetener, you could add some maple syrup, but I generally find I don't need to. The only thing you need to watch for is that when the coconut milk gets cold and mixes with the cold chicory coffee the fats from it can break up into little flake-like bits. I haven't tried it with hemp milk or almond milk, but it would be worth a try. Or, if you drink cow's milk, then give that a try, too. To be honest, I never care about the bits, I just sip away, happily. 😋

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Now, on to the iced coffee shots! 

Caffeine Free Iced Chicory Coffee Shots
Serves 1
350ml boiling water
1 tablespoon coconut cream, coconut milk or other milk of your choice (see notes above)
1 teaspoon maple syrup, if required (optional)

(3-4 ice cubes, if you're not making your own)

Place the chicory coffee into a jug and carefully pour over the 350ml of boiling water. Allow it to cool. 

Once cooled, pour half the liquid into an ice cube tray and slide into the freezer until set. Transfer the remaining chicory coffee into the fridge. Once the ice cubes are solid, release them from the tray and drop them into a tall-ish shot glass. Stir the cream or milk into the chilled coffee (the coconut milk may solidify here - just give it a good mix or, if you have a lidded container, a good shake). Pour the chilled coffee over the ice cubes and sweeten if needed, with maple syrup. 

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  1. You could do that with Tigernut milk too (Horchata) - I think I will try that!

  2. Hi! Would chicory root, not instant, work for this? I am missing my iced coffee and looking for something to take it's place. :)

    1. Hi Jackie, I think that if you were to make a coconut milk chicory coffee using chicory root and then cool and pour over ice, it would work, although I haven't tried it. Let me know how it goes and good luck!


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