My Paleo AIP Indian Adventure - New eBook for Asian Food Fans

A look at the new ebook by Bethany Darwin, full of Indian recipes adapted for the autoimmune protocol (AIP) paleo diet. Free from grains, dairy, nuts, eggs, nightshades and seeds. 

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So, you know how much I love curry. I wrote about it quite a lot in my book SPICE, and here on the blog. So I was quite excited to see that Bethany Darwin (from the blog Adventures in Partaking) has just finished a new ebook, solely dedicated to all things Indian. 


What's great about the ebook is not just the 60+ authentic Indian recipes - but also the effort taken to put the book in its context, too. There are photos from her time in India, as well as information on India's street food culture and other aspects of the cuisine. There's also a map illustration with each recipe, with a dot indicating where the dish is from. All of this really adds a personal touch and helps us all become experts on Indian food.

Recipes include Goan Chicken Xacuti, Kerala Fried Fish and Delhi Style Aloo Tikki Chat. There are lots of side dishes, too - bhajis, chutneys and and raita - and loads of veggies. Bethany covers the basics, too - coconut milk, curry powder and breads like rotis and chapatis. 

For drinks and desserts, there's Shrikhand, Halwa, Gulab Jamun and a lovely sounding rose scented iced tea as well. All AIP compliant. 

Keep an eye out on my Instagram and Facebook, I'll be cooking some recipes from the ebook in the coming weeks. First up, I've got the Lamb Rogan Josh for dinner on Wednesday!

In the meantime, if you're a curry lover like me, go check it out for yourself. With all these different curry recipes, adapted specially for the autoimmune protocol, I'd definitely recommend it. No need to go without your Indian food on AIP, that's what I always say. Can't wait to make the Gulab Jamun, too, it was one of my favourites before AIP. 

Curry lovers, unite! 👏

Go check out all details about the ebook here

Love curry? Which are your favourites? And which Indian foods would you love to see made into AIP? 

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Happy cooking!