New eBook on AIP Packed Lunches - Let's Do Lunch!

Looking for AIP Packed Lunch inspiration? I'm so happy to launch my new ebook, Let's Do Lunch - a collection of portable packed lunch recipes and tips for nutritious lunchtime meals. 

I like to solve problems. 

It's been 2 years since I finished my last AIP recipe ebook, SPICE. I decided to write that one in response to the cravings I'd had for Chinese takeaway and Indian and Thai curry. I wasn't going to let AIP get in the way of a decent Lamb Dopiaza. No way. 

And then I started noticing that people on group boards and forums were struggling a little bit with what to eat for lunch on AIP. 

Like, breakfast's easy. It's bacon and veg - or soup, or anything leftover heated up from the fridge. The evening meal is easy, too - you have stews, roasts, curries - all sorts. But that in-between part of the day, that's different. Before AIP or paleo, many of us would have just grabbed a sandwich, packet of crisps and a slice of cake from the local supermarket. 

But when you eat with nutrition in mind, it becomes harder to find food to transport to eat later. When I was full AIP, I found this, too. Cafes and sandwich shops, although good options are beginning to appear, are a little far behind for us guys looking for some avocado and salmon salad in a nightshade and pepper-free dressing for lunch. Plus, buying lunches out is expensive. 

A problem. 

So I set to work and wrote an ebook that solves this problem. 

It's called Let's Do Lunch!. 

Not only does it give you 17 recipes, all designed to be prepped in advance and then transported out and about with you, but it also gives tips on how to make a great packed lunch - what you'll need to pack it in, suggestions for alterations if you fancy something different, and advice about prepping the night before. There's also a 28-day plan, so that you can pin it up on your fridge and plan what you're going to eat each day. And I've included an ingredients list for each week, so you can check off what you need for the week against what you already have and then add what you don't have to your shopping list. Brilliant. Saves you time, money and stress. You don't even have to wake up and think about what you're taking to work for lunch. It's all done for you. Most of the time it will be sat there waiting for you in the fridge. What could be better than that? 


Where do I get the ebook? 
Over here, at Gumroad

What can I read it on? 
Any device that can read a pdf. You can also print it out for your own use, if you like. 

What's in it? 
17 recipes that are all fully AIP compliant and allergy-friendly. No soy, gluten, grains, dairy, nuts, nightshades, seeds or eggs. No refined sugar, either. You get a 28-day suggested lunch plan, along with ingredients lists so you know exactly what you'll need each week.  There's also meal prepping tips, a word or two on mindful eating (because lunchtimes aren't JUST about the food) and each recipe comes with step by step instructions and a full colour, droolworthy photograph. All for just around a tenner. Bargain, right? 

Is it all just salads? 
Nope. I think salads are delicious and I eat lots of them. But here I've included AIP sandwiches, food on sticks (everyone loves food on a stick), meals you can reheat if you like (or not) and wraps as well as salads. You won't be surprised, if you know me, to find influences in there from Argentina, India and the Middle East as well as Vietnamese food and Scandinavian inspired dishes. I've tried to keep it creative. You won't eat the same thing two days in a row (unless you want to) and you won't get bored. One of my aims with this ebook was to keep it interesting but also simple. Your workmates might just get jealous.

How much is it?
The ebook is priced at £8.99 (around $12). If you're in Europe, the VAT is added on at check out - if you're elsewhere in the world, the price is converted to your currency before you pay and any taxes for your country, if there are any, are added. 

So how do I order it? 
Download it now, at Gumroad


  1. This cookbook is gorgeous and inspiring. Thanks for all the love you put in and for sharing with us, Jo!


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