Virgin Raspberry Mojito

A fruity mocktail recipe that's tasty, refreshing and alcohol and refined sugar free. Gorgeous. 

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I've been in love with the raspberry and lime combo for quite a while now. It's because of the colours, I think. Just as Marilyn Monroe used to apparently love serving up carrots and peas together to her first husband, because she loved the colours, I gawp at the ruby red of the raspberry and the bright, vivid lime when they're together. 

The flavours too. Sweet, soft raspberry goes strangely well with acidic, tart lime. 

And so I decided to jazz up one of my favourite summertime drinks - the mojito, which I featured in my ebook SPICE

Virgin Raspberry Mojito - vegan gluten free paleo clean eating aip

There's no alcohol in this, it's just all pure, healthy ingredients all thrown into a glass and then smashed up  and muddled together with a straw. And there's no reason why you couldn't try blueberries, blackberries or even cherries with this, in place of - or as well as - the raspberries. 

What makes this even better is - as the raspberries give off their beautiful ruby red juices as they sit in the sparkling water/lime mixture, the drink continues to turn a vibrant sunset red in the frosty glass. Sip it slowly. 

Virgin Raspberry Mojito - vegan gluten free paleo clean eating aip

Bring on the summer. 🌞 😋

Virgin Raspberry Mojito
Serves 1, large glass
handful of raspberries, I used frozen, but you can use fresh if you have them
handful ice cubes
2-3 fresh mint leaves, rinsed
juice of half a lime
sparkling water
extra raspberries, mint and lime for decoration, if liked

You'll need a large glass or Kilner jar like the one I have here. 

First, layer up the raspberries and ice cubes in the glass, pushing in a couple of the mint leaves as you go. You want the raspberries to be all the way down the glass. Keep going until you reach the rim of the glass. 

Next, squeeze in the juice of half a lime and then top up the glass with sparkling water. Top with a lime wedge, a raspberry or two and a small sprig of the mint. 

Serve cold. I like using these paper straws

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