Slow Cooker Crockpot Burrito Chicken

Just to let you know, this post was written before I started the paleo diet to help ease my psoriasis. Nowadays I eat a more allergy-friendly diet, but leave these older, non-paleo posts up in case they are useful to readers, as I know not everyone eats the same as I do. Thanks for your understanding. 

I've talked about our burrito nights quite a bit, because we really love them. And it's a great excuse for me, really, not to have to stand in the kitchen, actually cooking. The meat, whether it's pork, beef or lamb, is always done in the slow-cooker and I can put it in at lunchtime and forget about it for the rest of the day, until my tummy rumbles and all I have to do is chop up some avocados, heat some aduki beans and shred some lettuce. 

slow cooker burrito chicken on plate

When I started making burritos at home, we always had pork. But recently, we've developed a bit of a taste for shredded chicken - it's lighter on the tum, takes less time to cook and is great for sandwiches the next day. I use the no-liquid technique for these, as enough comes from the onions and peppers to steam the chicken and then ladle a little over it once cooked, to give that gloss and moisture just before serving. I hope you like it. 

Burrito-Style Crockpot Chicken
Serves 4, with leftovers for sandwiches (or more burritos)
4 free-range chicken breasts, skin left on
2 medium-sized onions, peeled and sliced into rounds
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 sweet pointed red pepper, stalk and seeds removed and chopped
2-3 tbsp Cholula Hot Sauce, plus more to serve

Turn your crockpot on to the 'high' setting. Arrange the chopped onions on the bottom of the crockpot and lay the chicken breasts, skin side up, on top. Scatter over the garlic and pepper and drizzle over the hot sauce. Replace the lid and leave completely alone for three and a half to four hours. 

Once cooked, lift the chicken out onto a board or a plate, remove the skin and shred the meat with a couple of forks. Transfer to a serving bowl and ladle over a little of the juice in the crockpot to moisten the chicken  slightly. Serve with rice, beans, wraps (or taco shells), guacamole, sour cream, cheese and lettuce. 

slow cooker burrito chicken

What are your favourite fillings for a burrito? 


  1. That sounds and looks lovely! Comfort food!

    1. Thanks - it's just so simple and effortless, wins every time!


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