Friday, 11 January 2019

Saying Goodbye... at least for now

Hello lovely readers.

Thank you for reading, commenting and being involved with me and my food for the last decade. I've loved reading every one of your comments, suggestions and when you've taken the time to contact me personally it's made my day. Thank you too to all the companies that supported the blog. Because of you, I was able to continue to buy ingredients to make and write free recipes for everyone to enjoy. 

From now though, I'll be taking a (probably quite long) break from the blog. All the posts will stay up, but there won't be any more new ones. And for now, I'll check in from time to time at the back end of things and delete all the spammers!

I'll still be active on Instagram, because at the moment it's easier for me to manage and is also more spontaneous, which works well for me at the moment, so if you'd like to keep in touch, come along and give me a follow. 

As I said, you'll still have access to all the recipes here - just head on over to the Recipe Index and cook up what you fancy. 

I'm not leaving the paleo or AIP diets, although from time to time now I dabble in a more varied, gluten free diet. AIP gave me a greatly improved quality of life and taught me a lot about myself and my body. The paleo, health and AIP blogging communities have been a huge source of friendship and comfort over the past few years and I'm so grateful for that. My health has to come first though and I need to prioritise that before I can move forwards. I'm getting the help I need, so here's hoping I'll be back to fighting fit in no time. 

Thank you very much again, for all your support. I really mean that. 

Now feel free to dive in and find what you need.

All the very best, and huge hugs to all of you. 
Thank you for everything,


  1. Thank you for the recipes you have posted. Much appreciated! Best wishes in your future endeavours.

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping I'll be back when I'm back to 100% again. Thank you for the kind words!