Review of Deep Heat's Muscle Rescue

Stiff neck and shoulders? I try Deep Heat's Muscle Rescue cream and patch to try and soothe them and let you know what I think. 

A day of blogging doesn't come without some pulled and tight muscles here and there. Cooking - stirring, blending, pulsing, mashing - twisting your body into weird positions to photograph (yes, that happens) and then sitting for an hour or few editing, writing and organising the blog post and then sharing it on social media. 

Phew. It's fair to say I've had my share of tight shoulder and neck muscles during my time here at Comfort Bites. 

So when Deep Heat asked if I'd like to review their Muscle Rescue products I gave my painful left shoulder muscle a little massage and said I'd love to. 

My husband is a fan of Deep Heat from his rugby days. I'd never used it before, so when I told him I was trying it out he gave me a knowing look and said, 'Careful. It gets warm.' 

Undeterred by his playful (hopefully) jibes, I opened up the pack after an especially difficult day hunched over the computer and set it to work. 

The Muscle Rescue cream is developed especially for tight neck and shoulder muscles (hurray) and is described as a 'warming cream to ease everyday muscular tension.' It gets to work by warming up the tight muscles, allowing them to relax and un-stiffen. You just pop off the lid and there's a sponge applicator underneath. You squeeze the tube and out comes the cream, meaning you don't need to get Deep Heat all over your hands just to work it into the areas you need. Brilliant. 

I applied to my shoulder, and the beginning of the side of my neck. It took a little while to take effect - maybe a minute or two - but soon I had that warmth that hubs had warned me about. It wasn't overbearing, or too much - it was just right. The herbal, slightly menthol-like aroma was soothing, too. I loved it. The warming effect lasted a good couple of hours at least - and I'm sure it did soothe my tight muscles. 

Along with the cream, there's the Neck and Shoulder Heat Patch. It's a slightly padded, papery patch with an adhesive strip that keeps it in place on your skin. Sensitive and ageing skins, you need to apply the patch over clothing in case your skin gets irritated. The patch warms up on contact with the air, so you open the air-tight pack, peel off the strip and apply to the part of your neck and shoulder that's tight and needs some relaxing. 

I found this had much more of an effect than the cream. It warmed up within minutes, and it felt just as if there was a warm hot water bottle there. The patch keeps warm, so the pack says, for 8 hours, but don't sleep with it on. I kept mine on for about 4 hours until I needed to go out. It did work, and I would buy these again. They're good after a long day to put on while you watch TV or settle down for the evening (remember to take it off before you go to bed). The patches are odourless, and single-use. You can't heat them back up once they've cooled down, you have to discard it (one pack gives you two patches). This was the only thing I wasn't 100% comfortable about - as we're trying to limit our disposables as a family, I was reluctant to use a product again that was single use. Perhaps Deep Heat can come up with a reusable patch that you can somehow reheat again - that would make me feel lots better. But the patch itself was very effective and did soothe my tired, aching muscles and I'd definitely consider it again for occasional use.

I received the Deep Heat patches and cream from Deep Heat for the purpose of this review, and all comments and opinions are my own. Visit the website to find out more about Deep Heat's Muscle Rescue products

Tried Deep Heat's Muscle Rescue yourself? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.