Serrano Ham and Melon Party Appetisers + FREE EBOOK

We all know that melon and ham are a great combination. And these melon and Serrano ham bites are a tasty and quick to make appetiser to offer guests at your next party. 

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It's that time of year when we all start to think about parties and Christmas - and singing Auld Lang Syne and crying a bit, which is what I always do at New Year, because New Year is kind of emotional. Ahem

But anyway. 

Serrano Ham and Melon Party Appetisers

I've also got news in this post about a completely free eBook that I've lovingly made for you. Treats, snacks, drinks, desserts - it's a handy guide to help you out during the party season. But more on that a bit later. 

These Serrano ham and melon wraps are a good, healthy alternative to shop-bought appetisers if you have people round for drinks and giggles, and also if you have to bring something to a party yourself and want to make sure there's something there you can actually eat. 

I'm so excited about this, because it tastes amazing, but I'm kind of worrying that they'll be a Nigella-style backlash about this not really being a recipe - kind of like when Nigella Lawson shared a 'recipe' for avocado toast on TV and it ended up in the National papers because it was just avocado toast. 


Serrano Ham and Melon Party Appetisers

It might not be a recipe but it tastes GORGEOUS. 

The beautiful salty-sweet combo of ham and melon has been done everywhere, for decades, but this is Serrano ham, which is generally less chewy and more dense in texture than Prosciutto ham. It has a richer, deeper colour and, to me, has a saltier, richer flavour. Choose your favourite melon for this - I chose an orange-fleshed Canteloupe melon - with a sweet, caramel-like flavour. Just go with what you like best. 

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Serrano Ham and Melon Party Appetisers

Serrano Ham and Melon Party Appetisers
3-4 slices of serrano ham
6-8 slices of melon
cocktail sticks: one for each 

Optional: fresh lemon thyme sprigs, runny honey, salad leaves

Take a slice of melon and wrap half a slice of Serrano ham around each piece, and secure with a cocktail stick. Scatter with lemon thyme sprigs, a drizzle of honey or salad leaves if you like. Best eaten at room temperature. 

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Party on!

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  1. Very good recipe! It is delicious, specially for summertime. The perfect appetizer to serve to a our friends and family. What about adding iberian recently sliced ham? To die for. Congrats for the blog, we share your recipe with our clients.


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