Strawberry Banana Ice Pops with Carob Sauce

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Well hello there. 

Strawberry Banana Ice Pops with Carob Sauce Vegan

Banana pops. They're so effortless and quick to make. Gorgeous. 

They're just frozen bananas (they're better cut in half before spearing with a cake pop stick, otherwise the banana tends to just split in half - because of the bend - and break off). Plus they look cuter and dinkier this way. Freeze 'em up, and then douse with carob sauce and freeze-dried strawberries. 

You have to serve these straight away, because they'll just turn soggy and melt if you leave them for any length of time. 

I've used carob here - because the reality is that chocolate - for whatever reason - doesn't always agree with some people. We once had a friend who was allergic to chocolate. But carob is different, so although it doesn't have that rich chocolatey flavour that raw cacao has, it's worth trying. It kind of tastes a bit sweeter and earthier. 

If you tolerate chocolate just fine then use your favourite chocolate bar melted, instead, and do away with the carob and maple syrup mixture. 

Just look at these. Bet you're drooling, right? 😜

Strawberry Banana Ice Pops with Carob Sauce Vegan


Chocolate Fudge Strawberry Banana Pops
Makes 8 banana pops
4 bananas
8 cake pop or lollipop sticks
1 heaped teaspoon carob powder (this is the one I use)
1 tbsp maple syrup
2 tbsp freeze dried strawberries or raspberries

First, peel the bananas and cut them in half, width-ways. Insert a cake pop stick into the flat end of the cut banana half and place them carefully in a large zip lock freezer bag, laying them flat, so they all line up. 

Lay the bag flat in the freezer, and freeze overnight, or until the banana halves are frozen solid. 

To serve, take the banana pops out of the bag and lay them out on a board lined with grease-proof paper. Quickly mix together the carob powder and the maple syrup in a mug or small bowl and drizzle this over the frozen banana pops. Sprinkle with the freeze dried strawberries and eat immediately. You'll need napkins. 

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