Zoic Edible Insect Bars

Like it or not, eating insects is becoming a little bit less weird every day. 

The first time I tried a bar made from cricket flour I closed my eyes shut and popped a chunk of it in my mouth, chewing ferociously like they do on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. 

And it wasn't that bad. You couldn't really taste the cricket, although I'm not sure what they would actually taste like because I've never eaten one whole, on its own. It was kind of earthy and nutty, though. You can read all about this in my Yahoo! Style post. It was fun. But it was weird. 

Fast forward a few months and I've become a bit de-sensitized to bug eating. 

First off, bugs were probably one of our first energy sources when we were cavemen. I did a course on evolution a couple of years ago and the course tutor said that in early evolution humans would have eaten anything they could get their hands on. Sounds about right. 

And now bloggers are using cricket flour to make cakes, you can pick up insect bars easily online, and everyone is talking about bugs as wonderful sources of nutrients, and kinder to the environment. And I'm OK with it. 

It's really not that weird any more. 

I was contacted by Zoic, who make energy bars containing insect flour, and asked if I'd like to try a couple of their bars. 

The bars I was sent are made from mealworm flour - there were two flavours. One was distinctly chocolatey (that'll be cacao then) and the other had an almondy, citrussy sweetness to it. They were good. Chewy, sweet, dense. They're made from all natural ingredients - dates, cashews - as well as the other ingredients used to flavour the bars. 

I shared the bars with my husband and my children had a nibble, too. They liked it. And my husband wrapped up the rest and took them to work. He's a train driver. Modern transport. Fuelled by bugs. Who knew? 

Want to find out more about Zoic? Then visit their website for more details where you can sign up for updates on the bars. They're not available just yet but you can pre-order them and find out more about nutrition and Zoic news. 

How do you feel about eating insects? Weird? Or have you tried them?