AIP Paleo Bubble and Squeak

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I'll tell you something. I had the best breakfast of my life sometime in the autumn of 2003, in a cafĂ© in London's East End, very early in the morning. As breakfasts go, nothing I've had since has quite come close. 

It was a cup of strong tea, served in a china mug that had a dark hairline crack down one side. On the plate, there were sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, baked beans and toast - and a big pile of 'double bubble', obviously. 

I always loved bubble and squeak. My mum used to make it for me and my sister for lunch, with potatoes and cabbage - when we'd come to the kitchen door to listen to the sizzling and the squeaks as the air escapes from underneath the mashed and chopped vegetables. It's lovely when it goes all crisp. I often make it myself for breakfast now - but not the conventional way. And you don't even need a recipe to make it.

Since I discovered that I didn't do too well with potatoes, I use any cooked starch I have leftover in the fridge from the night before. Butternut squash, sweet potato - that kind of thing. I will usually cook more starchy veg than I need for dinner so that I have THIS to make in the morning. That usually gets me out of bed pretty sharp the next day.

And Brussels Sprouts are BY FAR the best green to use in bubble and squeak, even if you make the conventional potato version. Sliced thinly, they cook quickly and crisp up beautifully in the pan. They have an earthy, sweet flavour which works well with the sweet, sticky onions that are in there, too. Autoimmune disease wasn't going to stop me having my bubble and squeak, that's for sure. Here's how you do it. 

Autoimmune Protocol Bubble and Squeak
Serves 1-2
Melt a teaspoon of butter (butter's not AIP though), coconut oil or lard in a large non-stick frying pan. Add a small chopped white onion and fry until tender and just beginning to turn crisp. Add in a handful or two of leftover mashed butternut squash or sweet potatoes. Stir it all together and add a handful of finely sliced Brussels Sprouts. Cook, stirring, until the veg is all hot and reheated, and the onions and sprouts start to take on a dark crispness to them, sizzling in the pan. Sprinkle in a pinch of salt and you're ready to go. Eat hot. 

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  1. This sounds so good! I love all the traditional British foods! My Grandmother always made us her Christmas pudding with hard sauce every year from what she called "the old country". So happy to find this. :-)


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