5 Argentinian Salads

When I visited Argentina over Easter, even though it was their Autumn time, temperatures were hitting the 29-30ºC mark. And of course they fired up the asado - and what do you need to mop up all that meat? Salads, of course.

Salads were served I think, at pretty much every meal, alongside pickled aubergines, chimichurri and criolla salsa. And they're creative with them - you don't just get a bowl of mixed green leaves and a drizzle of dressing. If you fancy a salad and want to have a go at some with an Argentine influence then have a go at these...

Ensalada de zanahoria y huevo
Just grated carrot and chopped hard boiled egg, mixed together and dressed with a mixture of salt, vinegar and olive oil. The carrots are sweet and the egg fills you up - sometimes a version of this salad can have some mayonnaise stirred in too. So simple and one of my favourite salads to eat alongside grilled meats.

asado tio benicio carrot and egg

Ensalada de papas, huevos, arvejas, lechuga y acietunas
This beautifully dressed salad consists of a platter of chopped lettuce (the lettuce is chopped fairly fine) topped with egg mayonnaise that's had diced, cooked potatoes, cooked and cooled peas and green olives mixed in. It's just seasoned with salt. The sharp green olives and crunchy lettuce are really needed against all that creamy egg mayo, one salad I will definitely be making now I'm back home.

salad eggs, olives peas mayo, lettuce

Ensalada Rusa
This is a really popular salad in Argentina. It's just a combination of cooked and cooled peas, cooked and diced potato, diced carrot, a few spoonfuls of mayonnaise and seasoned with salt.

asado tio benicio peas potato carrot salad

Ensalada de pepinos
Here, the cucumbers are peeled and then sliced and dressed with salt, white vinegar and a little oil. It's a refreshing salad and great with the grilled meats we ate it with but I reckon it'd be lovely with a grilled or barbecued salmon, too.

asado tio benicio argentine salads

Ensalada de Tomates y Cebollas
Fairly thinly-sliced tomatoes and blanched onions dressed with olive oil and white wine vinegar - a sharp and at the same time a sweet salad that I love. Great for the barbecue season, too. 

argentinian tomato onion salad

Do you fancy having a go at any of these salads? 


  1. Thank you! I just finished a study abroad in Argentina and already miss their food. Glad to have access to their salads, at least!


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