Greek Kofta Mezze with Artichoke and Lemon Dip

A paleo and AIP compliant Mezze - or salad of picky bits - with an artichoke and lemon dip. Perfect for date night or an easy lunch. 

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I am obsessed at the moment, in case you hadn't noticed, with street food. I made a list of some of my favourite types of street foods and decided to have a go at AIP-ifying them. Some were great (breakfast sandwich, banana fritters) while others didn't work so well (Nasi Goreng, I'll get back round to you). But a Greek style Mezze sounded perfect to me. 

And look at those colours. 

AIP paleo Greek Kofta Mezze

Appetising, no? 

I made the lamb koftas and served it with an artichoke and lemon dip. It's great with the lamb as it provides a little freshness against the rich meat. I reckon you'll love it. 

You can have all this put together in 25 minutes, which isn't bad if you're planning a movie night, a date night or forgot to eat lunch. 

Love this. I hope you do as well. 

AIP paleo lamb Greek Kofta Mezze

Greek Kofta Mezze with Artichoke and Lemon Dip
Serves 2-3

For the koftas: 
500g lamb mince
1 tsp dried oregano
quarter teaspoon garlic salt

For the artichoke and lemon dip:
3 canned, cooked artichoke hearts
50ml olive oil
splash of cold water
pinch of sea salt
juice of half a lemon
1 teaspoon freshly chopped parsley
drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

For the flatbreads:
1 cup cassava flour
three quarters of a cup water
quarter of a cup of olive oil
pinch of garlic salt
1 tsp coconut oil, for frying

To serve:
Olives, apricots, watercress, radishes, red onion slices

First, get the koftas into the oven. Mix the lamb, oregano and garlic salt until smooth and form into meatballs, about the size of a golf ball, or just slightly bigger. Arrange on a foil-lined tray and roast until golden and sizzling, about 20 minutes at gas mark 6/200ºC/400ºF.

While the lamb is cooking, make the flatbreads. Mix the cassava flour, water, oil and garlic salt until well combined - you may need to add a little more water or flour to get the right consistency - they seem to need more or less every time I make them. Just go by eye. You'll be looking for a consistency like a firm but soft bread dough. Break the dough into four pieces and roll each piece out into a flatbread shape - an oval or a circle. Fry in the hot coconut oil until cooked through - 2-3 minutes per side. You'll see that the flatbread should start to take on some colour on the underside too, before you flip. Once cooked, take these out and put to one side. 

To make the dip, blend the artichoke hearts, water, lemon juice and sea salt together until smooth. You should have a loose, mayonnaise-consistency. Add a little more water or lemon juice if needed, and scrape down the sides of the blender. Pour into a small serving dish and sprinkle with the chopped parsley and add a trickle of olive oil. 

To serve, spear the cooked lamb koftas with serving sticks if you like, and arrange on a plate or board with the flatbreads, dip, olives, watercress, apricots, onion slices and radishes. 

Get your cassava flour here... 

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  1. OMG, these look amazing. So many colors and flavors! I'm so digging meals like this lately so will definitely be trying this one out!

  2. I was checking out Artichokes at the market the other day, now I have a reason to buy them!

  3. Pinned this immediately and cannot wait to try :)

  4. I love artichoke dip. This recipe looks delish. And the flatbread!! YUM!

  5. I visited Greece last year - Greek cuisine is fabulous! This looks so YUM.

  6. I love snacking types of recipe like this mezze that makes the best kinds of dinners!

  7. Wow, I'm such a big fan of Greek food! These are amazing & the dip is calling to me.

  8. This looks amazing and so flavorful!

  9. Holy cow what a stunning spread!!! Those kofta's look perfect and juicy!

  10. That dip looks so good, and I can't believe it's so simple!

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