AIP Pulled Pork Burrito Bowl with Carrot and Radish Salad

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I go weak at the knees for a Burrito Bowl. 

But there is absolutely no reason not to curl up on the sofa with a fork and with one of these on your lap, even if you can't eat beans, rice or Cholula Hot Sauce. 

We often make our pulled pork in the slow cooker - for this burrito bowl I used my Thyme and Sea Salt Pulled Pork recipe. Then, when it's all hot and shredded with a fork, you just cut up a lettuce, slice up an avocado and cut up some colourful veggies. Dinnertime. 

Speaking of the colourful veg, the carrot and radish part of this recipe was inspired by the Rainbow Salad over at It's Me, Charlotte. I just julienne-cut some purple and orange carrots along with a watermelon radish. A watermelon radish looks a bit like a small turnip, but when you cut into it there's crisp, crunchy pink flesh. Gorgeous. 

You could also add a big handful of coriander leaves to the bowl, which would work brilliantly. And some chopped red onion would provide a sweet tang as well as colour. Beautiful.

AIP Pulled Pork Burrito Bowl with Carrots and Radish Salad
Serves 1
1 purple carrot
1 orange carrot
1 medium-sized watermelon radish
big handful of cooked Thyme and Sea Salt Pulled Pork (just cooked, or cold leftovers)
handful shredded iceberg lettuce
half an avocado, sliced
lime half, and extra virgin olive oil, to serve

First, made the Carrot and Radish Salad. Take the purple carrot, orange carrot and the watermelon radish and wash them. Cut them into thin strips (carefully) using a julienne peeler or a sharp knife. Place in a bowl. 

To assemble the burrito bowl, arrange a handful each of the carrot and radish salad, pulled pork and iceberg lettuce. Slice up the avocado and add to the bowl and drizzle with olive oil and add a wedge of lime, for squeezing over, Season with a little salt and eat straight away. 

Have you heard? 

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