Paleo Smoked Salmon Legit Bagels

Want paleo bagels baking in your oven, pretty much instantly? Have a look at the Legit Bagel mix that's just been launched in the UK. 

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After I talked about Legit Bread mix coming to the UK, look what else Legit Bread Co has launched over here - PALEO BAGELS

Oh my word. 

Paleo Legit Bagels with smoked salmon - Paleo bagels in the UK

I remember seeing the recipe for these in Jennifer Robins and Simone Miller's book The New Yiddish Kitchen, but thanks to Amazon magic, you can now have these babies baking in the oven without going shopping for lots of different ingredients and flours. 

They're gluten, nut, grain, soy and dairy free and also packed lunch friendly, for those of you with kids at nut-free schools (like me). 

Jennifer sent me a pack to try out, and I have to say, these are brilliant. My 9-year old hates paleo food - she won't even touch paleo brownies - but she LOVED these. I even told her, mid-bite, that they were paleo and she didn't care. 

Paleo Legit Bagels

They're pretty easy to make - you just boil a saucepan of water, which you'll use for pre-boiling the bagels and then mix other ingredients in a bowl. It's a cassava-based dough and the bagels also contain yeast and also potato starch, as well as seed based ingredients. 

You just mix together the dough, shape it, pre-boil the bagels and then bake. Easy. 

Paleo Legit Bagel dough ready for parboiling and the oven

The pack does say these are best enjoyed on the same or the next day and I'd agree with that. We used them to make a smoked salmon bagel lunch and then ate the leftovers for breakfast the next day with some jam. We still had some left over on the third day and they had definitely toughened, even after being covered the whole time. I've no idea how these would freeze - I didn't try it - but the Legit Bread does freeze very well. 

You could also top these with extra seeds or even chocolate chips (oh my word) as suggested on the pack.

Paleo Legit Bagels baking in the oven

The only thing I would say is that at £17.99 for 2 packs, they're a bit on the pricey side. The pack suggests splitting the dough in each pack into 6 - I got 7 out of mine, which were very filling by themselves and not too tiny at all. So that's £17.99 for potentially 14 bagels. Ready for some quick maths? That works out to £1.29 (or thereabouts) for each bagel. Now have a think about how much you'd spend on a filling paleo lunch to take out with you to work? I don't think it's that bad at all. Then it's up to you what you put in them. Smoked salmon, ham, cooked cooled chicken, bacon, sliced hard-boiled egg, rocket/arugula, watercress, pâté... so much. 

I'm definitely using them more - they're really handy for a quick breakfast for the kids or if I know I'm going to be out and about I can fill one and take it with me and know lunch is sorted. 

Curious about these Legit bagels? Check them out on the Amazon UK store. I'm really hoping these are a permanent addition. I've already ordered my second batch. LOVE them. You'll be seeing more of these on my Instagram and Facebook feeds pretty soon.