Jo's Art

As did many people, I found a new hobby during 2020's cycle of lockdowns and slowing down. I have always loved to draw as a hobby, but found more time to pursue it. I took some online courses to remind myself of some of the techniques and started sketching at home, and out in the open when we were allowed back outside! I found it rewarding to sketch scenes and buildings that mean something to others, and see their reactions come through on texts and messages when they received them. Sketching also takes me out of the moment I'm in and helps me with my mental health

I specialise in historic buildings and scenes and accept commissions. Some people have asked me to sketch their house as a moving in (or moving out!) present, while others have commissioned sketches of stately homes where they went on days out with loved ones or where they got married. I've also drawn churches - and pubs are also very popular! 

My work is available at Creative Locale gallery. Or if you would like me to sketch a building or scene just for you, please get in touch. 

Some examples of my work: 


Englefield House, Berkshire

The Bull Inn, Streatley

Follow me to keep in touch with my artwork: 

Instagram: @sketcherjoey

Facebook: @sketcherjoey

Twitter: @lovebritishhis1

Want to buy a sketch, or commission one of your own? Contact me sketcherjoey[at]gmail[dot]com.