AIP Ramen Recipe from 30-Minute Meals for the Paleo AIP ebook

A beautiful AIP Ramen noodle bowl, from the new ebook 30-Minute Meals for the AIP - a community ebook from over 40 bloggers, designed to save you time in the kitchen and help you get creative with your food. 

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So, news. 

I'm super-proud to tell you about a new ebook I've contributed to, and one I think will help AIPers a lot. 

Having done AIP on and off for the last four years or so, I know it's true that you end up cooking A LOT. And all this takes time. You can spend hours on a stew or a roast. So how amazing would it be if you had a downloadable-on-the-spot book where every recipe took 30 minutes or less to cook. 


This ebook has over 40 contributors who have all done the AIP for themselves. So they know what it's like, and all the ingredients you can eat in the elimination stages of AIP. You'll also get each of the dishes on the table from first move to plate in half an hour or less. Every recipe has been tested to make sure that the timings are correct. 

There are 120 actual complete recipes in the book, but because these include mini-recipes to make up the main meal, you're actually getting over 300 individual recipes. Also, the ebook has been edited by the lovely Jaime from Gutsy by Nature, with printing in mind. So if you like, you can print the downloadable pdf so you have it like a cookbook in the kitchen. 

I'm super excited to share one of the recipes I contributed to the ebook with you - my beautiful AIP Ramen. I developed it specially for the ebook, and now I cook it all the time, with lots of cilantro/coriander leaves and a big squeeze of lime. If you're lucky enough to have leftovers of this recipe, they're really good the next day too (store in the fridge and reheat fully). 

Check out more about the ebook here. I know it's going to be such a great tool to help all you AIPers, whatever stage of the autoimmune protocol journey you're on.

Ramen Noodle Soup 
This super quick meal is nutritious, aromatic and tastes so good. Slurp with chopsticks and spoon. 

Serves: 4
Total time to plate: 15 minutes.

1 teaspoon mild unflavoured coconut oil (or other preferred fat)
5 ounces smoked bacon lardons or pancetta
half a teaspoon ground ginger
15 chestnut (brown) mushrooms
3 carrots
3 chicken breasts, skinless and boneless
3 cups chicken stock or broth
pinch of sea salt
2 large zucchini
2 handfuls of spinach
3 spring (green) onions
large bunch of cilantro

Equipment needed:
Large saucepan
Chopping board 
Spiralizer or julienne peeler

Get out a large saucepan or stockpot and place on a medium heat. Add the coconut oil and the bacon or pancetta and cook gently until sizzling and starting to turn golden. 
While the bacon cooks, give the mushrooms a clean and slice off the very bottoms of the stalks. Slice the mushrooms and peel and slice the carrots. Add the ground ginger, mushrooms and carrots to the pan, stirring well.

Cut the chicken breasts into thin slices and add to the pot. Pour in the stock or broth and add the pinch of salt. Stir and leave to simmer gently for about 5 minutes, while you prepare the rest of the veggies. 
Spiralize the zucchini into noodles of your desired thickness. 

The chicken should be cooked through by now. Take a piece out and cut to make sure, and then put back in the pan. Add the zucchini noodles and the spinach and stir. Cook for just another 2 minutes, until the zucchini has just started to soften.

Snip the green onions into the stock pot and give the pot another stir. 

Get out your serving bowls and, using the tongs, take out the zucchini noodles and the chicken and vegetables, and divide between the bowls. Using the ladle, scoop up the extra broth and pour over the bowls. 
Wash the cilantro under the tap and rip into smaller bunches. Add these to the bowls.

Serve straight away, while hot.