Review of Dr Oetker's Gluten Free Pizza

Just to let you know: I've reintroduced some grains, which aren't strictly paleo. This post includes grains. 

If you didn't know, Dr Oetker has a gluten free pizza out. But is it any good? I rounded up my kids and got them to try it out. 

We've had hits and misses with gluten free pizzas. Yeah, they're not paleo, but my kids want to indulge in pizza from time to time and I compromise by getting them gluten free ones, seeing as everyone seems to get tummy ache after regular pizza from the takeaway. 

Some of the bases we've tried gluten free have been way too brittle, others way too chewy and we've only found one or two brands that seem to have nailed a thin but crispy crust that feels even kind of similar to authentic. 

So when Dr Oetker asked if we'd like to try out their gluten free pizza, I told the girls we were having pizza for lunch and slid a couple of these into the oven. 

Now, we don't eat pizza - even the gluten free kind - very often, but they are a good thing to have on hand when they have a sleepover or have friends round for a film. Then my kids don't feel like weirdos because Mummy cooked them all a courgette pizza with vegetables on top for their dinner, when all they want is something indulgent. They get to eat gooey, cheesy, doughy pizza, and watch the mozzarella turn into strings as they lift up the slice from the board and eat it straight from the board it's cut on, without plates. Everyone's happy. 

So I was keen to find out what they'd think of these Dr Oetker pizzas. 

They bake from frozen in about 10 minutes, so that's a good thing, when you have hungry kids.  You just slide it out of the box, remove the packaging and bake. 

Once baked, we found the base pale, but held up well to the toppings - it wasn't soggy, which we have found with some gluten free pizzas we have tried in the past. The topping wasn't too sweet or rich either, and there wasn't loads of mozzarella cheese on there, either. The addition of pesto was good - it gave a fruitiness to the topping that would have otherwise been a bit bland.

Oh, and there was plenty of stringy cheese action. 

I could only find the cheese and pesto topped pizza in our supermarket, so some other toppings would be a good idea, although I do get that this makes the gluten-free aspect a bit more challenging. Like some sausage or pepperoni meats can contain gluten, but it would still be good to see some choices. 

Overall, everyone was very happy. 

Hot pizzas, thin and biteable base, stringy cheese and no belly ache. All good.

Go here to find out more about Dr Oetker's gluten free pizzas, and thanks to Dr Oetker for sending us to the pizzas to try.