Strawberry and Jelly Chocolate Pots

A satisfying, dark chocolate dessert, sweet - but not too sweet. Low in sugar, high in antioxidants, a source of magnesium and tasty, too.

I received the jelly and a contribution towards the cost of this post, from Naturelly Jelly. 
We thank them for their support!  

You know it's Valentine's Day tomorrow, right? 

When Naturelly asked me to have a play with their jelly (always a good thing) and make a tasty chocolate dessert, I knew I'd love it before I'd even plugged in the blender. 

What I love about Naturelly's jelly is that it's vegan - the jelly comes from a plant source, so there's no gelatin in it - and it's not stuffed with refined sugars, either. 

I didn't want to add to the sugars too much with the likes of honey or maple syrup, which kind of defeats the object of creating a healthy pud - but if you find this a little too dark in flavour, feel free to add a teaspoon of maple syrup. In saying that, my nine and twelve year old set to it with a spoon and finished it all off in seconds. And then they divided the third (spare) one between them, too. So it's all good. 

The texture of the dessert is glossy, soft and a little bit wobbly - perfect, if you ask me. 

A note on the banana: my freezer is full of bags of peeled, frozen bananas, which I use in smoothies or to make instant dairy-free ice cream. If you need to freeze a banana specially, just peel it (discard the peel) and pop the banana into a ziplock bag or wrap it with cling film. Freeze until solid and then use in this recipe. 

I hope you love it. 

Strawberry and Jelly Chocolate Pots
Makes 4
1 pouch of Naturelly Jelly Juice Summer Fruits
1 heaped tablespoon raw cacao powder
2 large strawberries, trimmed of their leafy bits and sliced roughly
1 frozen banana
small pinch of sea salt
To serve: extra strawberries or other berries of your choice

Squeeze out the jelly juice into a blender jug and add the cacao powder and the strawberries. Break up the banana into pieces with your hands and add this to the jug, too, along with the pinch of salt. Blend until smooth. This took me a few seconds with a stick blender. 

Pour into shot glasses and serve immediately, with extra strawberries on the side. 

Find out more about this vegan jelly over at Naturelly's website

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