Review of Mental Health App Remente and a Giveaway!

A look at the app Remente, which aims to improve our mental wellbeing. Does it work? Find out below...

You can do practically anything using an app, these days. You can find the nearest public toilet, order your weekly shop to be delivered to your door, or turn the heating on. And now, you can use an app to become a thoroughly better person, inside and out.

Sounds good, right?

Remente is an app which, through a series of little goals, helps you achieve what you really want in life. Want to improve your financial situation? It'll help you do that. Need to stop snacking on sugary things in that awful 2pm slump? It'll do that, too. It will actually do everything from helping you to improve your relationships to helping you figure out how to get a decent work-life balance.

I was eager to try it out, to see if it worked not just in theory, but practically, in a daily life situation and Remente had me download their app with a subscription to the Pro features, so I could try those too.

I was actually very surprised. Similar apps I've downloaded and then pretty much straight away deleted, because they were either too time consuming or weren't realistic. Our lives are busy, and as important as goals and reminders are, they have to fit in with our day. They have to be short and snappy.

With Remente, you get what you put in, as much of a cliché as that sounds.

You set up the goals you'd like to achieve in life - for example, eating less sugar or improving your relationship. The app then breaks this down into manageable chunks that you can tick off at the end of each day. It would be things like: giving your partner more space or reading food labels for sugar content. You then look back at your day and tick them off if you did them, with the option to write little notes - a journal - which can be useful for you to look back on. Mine had me think a little bit before bed about things I feel grateful for, or what I appreciate about myself or other people. One of my favourite reminders was 'What did I do well today?' - so often we criticise ourselves inwardly, when it's good to take stock and remember the good things we did.

I loved the courses - extended articles, delivered in bite-sized chunks, that hold your hand and guide you through things like breathing exercises for stress, or learning how to say no. There are some there for time and productivity, or making good decisions. It's basically like having a life coach in your pocket, reminding you to be on time for your friends and not to eat sweets. Oh, and it's compatible with Apple Watch, too. 

Remente, reminding me not to hit the chocolate at my 2pm slump

I can see how this app could improve our mental health. It's hugely positive, and you end up better trained to think more positively about your actions and the people around you. And you are the one that sets what you want to achieve, so you have the motivation - it's all very slick and easy to use. No wonder that the app was developed by psychologists, entrepreneurs, business and life coaches. I used the app for a good couple of weeks, every day. And I do feel more positive, able to get on with my day and more goal-focused than I was before. In short, it works.

Want to try it for yourself?

Remente have offered to give away a two-month premium membership of the app to two lucky readers.

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is click on the Rafflecopter widget below and follow the instructions! Two winners will be picked at random at the end of the giveaway and I'll be in touch if you win. 

Good luck!

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  1. This sounds really interesting. It would be fun to try and hope for good results like yours. Breathing is my favorite immediate stress reliever- when I remember in the moment to do it!

  2. Meditation and breathing exercise. I always try to visualise the issue resolved.

  3. Walking. In nature. Which reminds, me, I haven't done that yet today and I'm feeling a little stressed! Time to go brave the rain~.

  4. Loving the sound of this, Jo. Thanks for sharing.

    My best tip is to create a morning ritual for yourself. Something that floats your boat and works specifically for you. Mine includes oil pulling, a 30 minute walk with the pooch, some stretching and setting an intention for the day. It helps me start the day on the right food AND in the right frame of mind.


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