Gluten Free Argentine Choripan

Just to let you know: I've reintroduced some grains, which aren't strictly paleo. This recipe includes grains. 

A gluten free take on a snack from Argentina - Choripan. A juicy sausage in a gluten free ciabatta style roll and a good spoonful of chimichurri salsa. 

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One of the things I miss most about Argentina is the food. The people were amazing, but my gosh THE FOOD. 

I remember eating grilled meats in a restaurant with fries, salad and red wine. I remember eating pizza nearly every day, and getting an ice cream that was the size of my head (this was before I started eating more healthily, mind you). And I remember those gorgeous family asados, where we'd all squeeze around a big table and enjoy chicken, empanadas and salsas. And then my husband's Tio Ruben handed me a Choripan, straight from the asado and my life was complete. 

Gluten Free Argentine Choripan - Argentina Food

The chorizos, or sausages, aren't the same in the UK and in Argentina. The Argentine chorizo isn't like the Spanish chorizo either - it's not heavily flavoured with paprika. It's just a meaty beef or pork sausage (or a mixture of both), seasoned with a few herbs and spices and that's it. I knew, after the first bite, that I needed to come up with an equivalent that I could eat back in the UK. 

The first problem was the bread. The closest thing to the bread I ate in Argentina with choripan was the part-baked French dinner rolls - and I couldn't find a gluten free option for ages. Until I stumbled upon Schar's ciabatta style rolls. They're small, so they're the perfect size for a meaty sausage and a similar size to the Argentine ones - and you finish them off in the oven so they crispen and with that freshly-baked smell and flavour. Note to Paleo friends: they're not paleo - they contain grain flour. 

For the 'chori' part of the choripan, use your favourite gluten free sausages - I use Heck sausages, sometimes ones from the supermarket (but always get the chunkier ones, rather than the thin, chipolata style sausages), or ask your butcher for some good pork or beef sausages. Steer away from the fancier flavours like Toulouse or chilli for an authentic flavour - just go for something chunky, with a good quantity of meat and slightly herby. 

The chimichurri is made the way I was taught in Argentina - with no chillies. You can find the recipe here and it will keep for a few days - leaving it a few days will actually improve its flavour - in the fridge. 

Go for it. 

Gluten Free Argentine Choripan
Serves 4
4 gluten free bread rolls (I used Schar's ciabatta style bread rolls)
4 thick, meaty pork or beef (or a mixture of the two) gluten free sausages
4 teaspoons chimichurri salsa

First, heat your rolls up in the oven for a crispier texture, as indicated on the packaging. Mine went in to a 200ºC oven, for about 10 minutes. Take out the rolls and leave to cool slightly. 

Cook the sausages, either in a frying pan with a splatter guard (10-15 minutes), under the grill (10-15 minutes) or in the oven (20-25 minutes at 200ºC). You can also cook them in the Actifry for 10 minutes, if you have one, which is the least messy option. Cook the sausages until well browned and cooked completely through. 

Split the bread rolls, by slicing them open, and then, on a board, cut each sausage into two lengthways. Place the opened sausage into the roll and then spoon over a generous teaspoonful of chimichurri. Let the sausages cool slightly and then eat warm - careful, the insides of the sausages will be hot. 

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