Paleo Tuna and Salmon Sushi Rolls

A simple, nutritious snack of tuna, avocado and salmon in a sliced cucumber centre. Paleo and AIP compliant, and perfect for kids.

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My kids love sushi.

Which got me thinking about paleo sushi - you know, a kind of sushi without the rice, that's still healthy?

Like this.

You just hollow out a slice or three of cucumber and fill it with tuna, smoked salmon and a chunk of avocado. Sprinkle with a few black sesame seeds (not AIP compliant) or crush over some nori seaweed and you're good.

My kids love this. It's refreshing, crunchy, low carb and really tasty. Feel free to sub in your own favourite fillings if you like: chopped radish for a peppery crunch, wasabi or horseradish for heat or even stuff it with some chicken or beef.

Let me know if you try it.

Paleo Tuna and Salmon Sushi
Makes 8
8 slices of cucumber, about an inch and a half thick (a cucumber half did the job for me)
2 slices smoked salmon, cut into small pieces
a few tablespoons canned, flaked tuna
half an avocado, peeled and the stone removed, cut into small cubes
nori or black sesame seeds (the sesame seeds aren't AIP compliant, but the nori is) for decoration

Slice your cucumber, if you haven't already, and, using a sharp knife, chisel out a little hollow in the centre. Run a vegetable peeler down the skin (you could do this before cutting, if it's easier) to make the stripes.

Gently push a little of the smoked salmon and tuna into the centre of the hollowed out circle, and tuck in a small cube of the avocado. Sprinkle with the black sesame seeds or the crumbled up nori and you're ready to eat.

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