Buffalo Burger Stack with Lemon Dill Mayo

A low carb, paleo buffalo burger stacked up with tomatoes, baby kale, bacon, radishes and gherkins. With a lemon dill mayonnaise. Perfect! 

I received the buffalo burgers, along with a contribution towards the ingredients, from Farmer's Choice so that I could bring this recipe to you. I think you're going to love it! 

Have you ever tried buffalo meat? 

It's meaty and dense, a bit like beef, but a bit more fuller-flavoured and sweeter. It's like the best beef you ever ate in your life. At least I think so. 

Farmer's Choice do these Buffalo Burgers, already made up for you, so you can crack on and get them on for your next Burger Night in. The water buffalo are raised free range, and they don't use antibiotics or any growth hormones on them. The meat is really juicy, tender and tasty. 

I really felt that for this beautiful meat, I wanted to create a bunless, stacked up burger with those traditional burger flavours of juicy sweet tomato, crunchy gherkin and salty, crisp bacon. It's like the perfect homage to all that is burger. 

Buffalo Burger Stack with Lemon Dill Mayo Paleo Low Carb

I've used a little gem lettuce leaf as a kind of plate, because it's sturdy enough not to start to wilt underneath the hot burger and the toppings - along with baby kale, because it's nutritious and full of good things like vitamin C and calcium. 

I whipped up a lemon-dill mayo, too - to counteract the deep flavour of the buffalo and add some lightness. I've used a home-made mayo I had in the fridge, but you can use whatever mayonnaise you happen to have handy. 

Buffalo Burger Stack with Lemon Dill Mayo Paleo Low Carb

I hope you love it - we definitely do. Let me know if you make it, and let me know what you think. 

Buffalo Burger Stack with Lemon Dill Mayo
Serves 4
For the burgers: 
4 buffalo burgers (Farmers Choice deliver 4 in a pack), defrosted if frozen
4-6 rashers of smoked, streaky bacon
2 tomatoes, washed and dried
2 large radishes, washed and dried
2-3 gherkins, depending on size
4 little gem lettuce leaves, washed
handful of baby kale leaves

For the Lemon Dill Mayo:
one third of a cup of mayonnaise (your favourite shop-bought or home-made)
juice of half a lemon
small handful finely chopped, fresh dill
pinch of salt

First, cook the burgers. You can do this on a BBQ (about 7-8 minutes, turning half way), in a frying pan (about 5-6 minutes, turning half way) or in an oven (about 20 minutes at gas mark 6/200ÂșC) until cooked through and juicy. Slide the bacon onto the barbecue too, under the grill or into your frying pan to cook and crispen - this should take just a few minutes. 

While the burgers and the bacon is cooking, prepare all the vegetables. Slice the tomatoes and the radishes and then chop or slice the gherkins. 

To make the Lemon Dill Mayo, combine the mayonnaise, lemon juice, dill and the pinch of salt and stir until well mixed. 

Arrange 4 little gem leaves onto serving plates and scatter the baby kale around it. Once the burgers are cooked, put the burger on top of the lettuce and leaves and then top with the bacon, tomato, radishes and the gherkins. Serve alongside the zesty mayonnaise and eat while hot. 

I received the buffalo burgers from online butcher Farmer's Choice, who specialise in free range meats and also seafood and fish. I've been cooking with their food for a few years and I always love it. Go check them out! 

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