Vital Proteins Collagen Veggie Blend Kiwi and Lime Ice Pops

Frosty collagen ice lollies with kiwi and lime, featuring the new Vital Proteins Veggie Blend. AIP compliant, dairy free and packed with nutrients.

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Vital Proteins Collagen Veggie Blend Kiwi and Lime Ice Pops

So. In case you haven't heard, there's this new Vital Proteins Collagen Veggie Blend out, and it was developed by Dr Sarah Ballantyne, The Paleo Mom herself. 

It's a blend of collagen and basically loads of veggies. Just one serving provides the equivalent of 3 servings of vegetables. Yep, three servings. It has 300% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, and also 20g collagen, to keep our skin and bones healthy. 

Sarah's team very kindly arranged for a tub to be sent over to me, all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, to try out. 

First off, I'm not sure if it's just wishful thinking, but I'm pretty sure that during the last few weeks I've been adding this to my smoothies and drinks, I've felt like I have more energy and generally feel much more well. The nutrition profile of this blend is impressive, so maybe it's true. 

Vital Proteins Collagen Veggie Blend Kiwi and Lime Ice Pops

The first thing you'll notice, when you screw open the tub, is the colour. 

Vital Proteins Collagen Veggie Blend Kiwi and Lime Ice Pops

Vital Proteins Collagen Veggie Blend is a powdery dark-green colour. This means that everything you add it to, is going to turn dark green or even brown (if you're blending it up with red fruits like strawberries, for example). 

Don't be put off by the colour. 

Just think of all that goodness. 

The second thing you notice is that it doesn't taste very sweet. You can definitely taste the veggies in there. It has that sweet and earthy 'green smoothie' flavour. The powder was specifically designed not to be sweet, but if you have a sweeter tooth, you can blend it up with sweeter fruits like bananas, strawberries, mango - that kind of thing. 

So far, I've drunk the collagen blend in smoothies, stirred half a scoop into my black chicory coffee and then made these ice lollies. The advice on the tub said to even stir it into a glass of cold water and drink it, but I haven't been that brave, yet. 

The first attempt at making these didn't go too well. The green veggie-like flavour dominated, and although they were undoubtedly full of good things, I knew I had to sweeten it up a notch or three. 

These were made after the second attempt. 

I doubled the kiwi, doubled the lime and added a ripe banana in for sweetness. It did the trick. They're not sweet - the first flavour is kiwi, with some citrussy, refreshing lime. There is an earthiness in there too, from the collagen. But when you think that there's more than 3 servings of veggies, along with a healthy dose of collagen in this batch, that's not so bad, is it? 

Power lollies, these are. 

Note: If you're in the US, you can get the Vital Proteins Collagen Veggie Blend from Amazon, or look wherever you usually buy Vital Proteins products. If you're in the UK though, it's not yet available on Amazon here. The Paleo Mom's team are coming back to me about when and if it will available for us UK peeps and I'll keep you all posted when I hear back, but in the meantime, I've found it available for you on iHerb. Go have a look here

Vital Proteins Collagen Veggie Blend Kiwi and Lime Ice Pops

Vital Proteins Collagen Veggie Bland Kiwi and Lime Ice Pops
Makes 6 ice pops
small handful fresh baby leaf spinach
1 small ripe banana, peeled and broken in half
250ml coconut water
2 ripe kiwi fruits, peeled and chopped roughly
juice of 2 juicy limes

Add all the ingredients to a blender and pulse or blend until well combined and smooth. It will look paleo and frothy at this stage. It will change colour. 

Pour the mixture into mini ice pop moulds and place in the freezer for 4-5 hours, or overnight, until frozen completely. Run the bases of the moulds under a warm tap and gently loosen them out. 

Eat straight away. 

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