My Favourite Raspberry Smoothie

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So spring is here (even though it's only just March I can feel it in the air, can you?). I feel like the sun shines a bit brighter than usual and I'm not layered up in masses of jumpers and woolly socks. Seriously, people. It's here. 

And on these sunnier days, I really fancy something more summery. Something with raspberries, something that's tasty and has the added benefit of doing my body some good. 

Like my favourite raspberry smoothie. 

There are raspberries (I use frozen because they're cheaper and they don't go soggy and furry the day after you buy them) for vitamin C and nutrients; banana for prebiotics and fibre; coconut water (digestive enzymes); and coconut yoghurt (beneficial gut bacteria). 

So, yep, it's a pretty good smoothie to add to your collection. It's my favourite and I love it. 
Hope you love it too. 💗

My Favourite Raspberry Smoothie
Serves 1
handful frozen raspberries
1 banana, frozen
300ml coconut water
1tbsp coconut yoghurt or regular natural yoghurt
dash of maple syrup (optional) 

Blitz everything up in a blender (here's the one I use) until smooth and enjoy. 

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