Hidden Veggie Beetroot and Cacao Nib Protein Smoothie (Dairy Free)

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So here's a smoothie that's packed full of veggies and seeds. 

Except you probably wouldn't know it.

It tastes a bit like a chocolate and beetroot cake - kind of sweet and with an earthy hit from the cacao. And there are loads of veggies. There's beetroot, spinach, baby kale and ruby chard. And then there's a sweetness from some dried cranberries along with sunflower and flax seeds. This is all in the new Florette Smoothie Mix range - it looks like a bag of salad - and you can eat it as such, if you like - but it's designed for blitzing up into smoothies and getting a good start to your five a day. Florette sent me the bag to try out, and I can tell you it makes a very handy thing to have in the fridge for some smoothie action. 

I've added papaya to this one, for sweetness and natural digestive enzymes - along with coconut water and raw cacao nibs. 

The smoothie has a sweetness to it (thanks to the beetroot and the cranberries) but it's not especially sweet. If you wanted to sweeten it up a little more, you could add half a banana or a dash of maple syrup, but to me, it doesn't need it. 

I hope you love it!

Hidden Veggie Beetroot and Cacao Nib Protein Smoothie
Serves 2
1 x 105g pack of Florette Smoothie salad (Smoothie Mix Energy Boost variety)
quarter of a papaya, chopped roughly (seeds removed and the papaya peeled)

Put all the fruits, veggies and coconut water in a blender and then empty in the sachet of seeds that comes with the smoothie bag. Add the teaspoon of cacao nibs and blitz until smooth. Top with a few extra cacao nibs if you like. Serve cold. 

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