Papaya and Strawberry Smoothie

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There seem to be endless combinations of foods you can put in a smoothie. And although I usually like to add greens to mine, sometimes you just want something fruity - colourful, but not too sweet. Something that's still nutritious and you know it's doing your body some good.

And at those times, you need a smoothie like this. 

vitamin c rich papaya and strawberry smoothie - aip vegan vegetarian dairy free

Since we've been sharing a fruity smoothie every day, we've noticed a change in our complexion (kind of rosier, healthier) and we seem to have escaped the coughs and colds that have been going around the neighbourhood. Smoothies are a great way to take in a load of vitamin C, which powers our white blood cells, which in turn gobble up the invaders and bacteria that just aren't welcome in our bodies. Vitamin C is important. And most of us won't need it in supplement form. A kiwi fruit has more than the vitamin C you need in one day. 

Tell me you've seen that cool video of a white blood cell literally chasing down and then gobbling up a bacteria. 


Here it is. This is totally going on all the time. Amazing. 

Papaya is another of those vitamin C superfoods - 100g of this peachy-coloured fruit has just over 100% of the vitamin C you need in a day. And, blitzed into a drink with coconut milk and strawberries it makes a pretty delicious drink actually, too. 

Before you get to the recipe though, a note: if you're sensitive to sugar it might be wise to restrict your intake of very fruity smoothies - you'll easily drink up a lot more sugar in the fruit than you would normally eat in one go. That's why I like to usually add leafy greens (kale, spinach, coriander leaf or parsley) to mine, to give it a boost of greens. I've specified that this recipe serves 2-3 - I'll drink fruity smoothies like this in small glasses, rather than in those huge handled glass jars, which I reserve for my less sugary green smoothies. 

As a treat though, it's beautiful - velvety smooth and not too sweet. 

You might even want to make one for a refreshing summer pud. You could also freeze it in ice pop moulds for fruity lollies in the summer. 

Papaya and Strawberry Smoothie
Serves 2-3
3 thick slices of papaya (I peel a fresh papaya, discard the seeds, slice and store in a bag in the freezer)
1 frozen banana
200ml full-fat coconut milk, or your preferred choice of milk
5 medium strawberries, the tops taken off

Place all the ingredients in a blender and whizz until smooth. 
Drink and enjoy!

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